It Never Fails

For some reason, this blog from yesterday disappeared! So if it turns up twice, you know why.

The one day you need your husband to pick up something from the grocery store on the way home, he works three hours late.

The first time you use your new insurance card, there's something wrong. Like no co-payment.

The book you've been waiting for for months comes available on as soon as you don't have any credits left.

The first time you've had company in months and your little boy kitty learns how to spray.

You make muffins to take to the potluck breakfast at work because after an hour at the doctor and another hour at the pharmacy, you have no desire to fight the crowds at the grocery store for hash brown ingredients, and your husband who worked late and couldn't get you the hash brown ingredients comes home AND EATS THE MUFFINS!

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Anonymous said...

How about the day after you go grocery shopping, you find coupons for all the things you bought?

MJFredrick said...

Good one, Michelle! Or after you buy something, it comes out on sale?

Diane Gaston said...

Who cares about muffins when there is a stud muffin, a wet one!!
Seriously funny post.
Great photo!

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Diane! We gotcha!


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