Heroes you just want to....

Kick in the butt.

I have a confession – I don’t like Max Bhagat from Breaking Point. I think Gina can do way better than him. He’s whiny and closed off, and really, who wants a guy who only comes to his senses when he thinks you’re dead? I’m on Disc 5, and I’m liking Leslie much more. Come to think of it, I didn’t like Sam, either. Or Alyssa.

I’ve run into a rash of unsympathetic heroes lately. One in a recent contest I judged. He was so angry, when everything was his fault anyway. There was not one redeeming thing about him. I just wanted to scream to the wonderful, spunky heroine to Run Away.

Then I was reading Entertainment Weekly, the Harrison Ford interview. Oh, my goodness, the man is a – a – well, he’s no Han Solo. He was just downright cranky. Ugh.

And Sawyer. JJ, JJ, what are you doing with Sawyer? The frog – not the frog! How can he have felt so tender toward Kate – remember how he was trying to get to her when The Others had her – and then smush the frog? (I know, he’s done worse, but that was just damning from my point of view.)

EDITED TO ADD: I don't even want to see Two for the Money because I just can't see the characters as having redeeming qualities.

So, any thoughts on these fellows? Add some of your own?

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Shesawriter said...


He lost a bunch of sympathy with me when he did that. A BUNCH. You don't kill small animals. You don't kill any animal. It's just NOT done in "hero (or anti-hero) land." The writers will have to do a magic trick on this guy to redeem him in my eyes. He was something like #4 on my hottie list, but now, he's on my 'other' list. That one rhymes with HIT.


Anonymous said...

I loved Max Bhagat in Gone Too Far and I kinda wish she'd left it at that.

MJFredrick said...

Tanya, I could see on Hurley's face that he knew what Sawyer was going to do, and for just a second, I thought Sawyer would keep the frog, kind of a pet. Then....you're right, they've gone too far, made him too bad, too heartless.

Riemannia, which was Gone Too Far? Sam and Alyssa's story? I liked him in Stan and Terry's story, where he was negotiating to get Gina out of the plane, but ever since, he's just been...I don't even know why he is what he is.

Anonymous said...

I was really surprised when they did that. It makes me wonder why they're shifting his character that way. I have a feeling they're morphing him into a person who can kill without thinking...the same thing they're doing with Sayid. But why? What lies in store?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gone Too Far is Sam and Alyssa's story. I quite liked the interplay between Gina and Max then, eg. Max coming out in his snoopy shirt to make sure Gina's okay.

But to me, Brockmann had already covered too much of Gina and Max's relationship to then go on and write Breaking Point in which we don't really even get Max's story. Imo, of course. I'm still a big Brockmann fan and loved Hot Target.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the frog-squisher...yeah, I knew he was gonna do that. Funny how the frog upset people, but in the previous eppie it was implied that he knew his partner was killing the woman he'd conned--and you'd been led to believe he'd loved her just a little. I don't think anyone is who they say they are. JJ's got a plan. He's always got a plan.

MJFredrick said...

THANK YOU, Riemannia. I'm on disc 5 and just wondering why Max is the way he is. So I'll never know, huh? I have to say I didn't like Hot Target, either, but that was the heroine.

Marty, I didn't get that Sawyer's partner was killing the woman he loved. I thought she'd just run off to wait for Sawyer and he never met up with her.

I agree JJ has something up his sleeve. It just better be good ;)

Trish Milburn said...

Well, you know how I feel about the whole Sawyer turn. I really hope he's redeemed somehow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I just assumed because his partner wasn't in the car that he'd gone off to intercept the woman when she left via the back yard. I'll have to watch that one again ;) And again...

Nikki said...

I'm with you on Sawyer -- totally took a turn there. But they're plotting something for him ... to much nastiness so soon makes me think his storyline's taking a major turn.

Poor froggie ...

MJFredrick said...

Marty, I thought the car was a plant - that the partner was never there, that Sawyer just made her think that and let her get away while he made the switch with the money. At least, that's what I want to believe ;)

Nikki, they have to redeem him. They just have to!

Rachel Vincent said...

I agree, the frog-squishing was horrible, but the episode before was even worse. But I think it was supposed to be, in which case, the writing succeeded.

Knowing what Sawyer was willing to do to the woman he loved--and I really think he did love her, at least a little--I doubt he'd hesitate to do the same to Kate.

I like her better with Jack anyway.

Shesawriter said...

BTW, I'm glad they finally explained why the guy hasn't "LOST" any weight. He's been eating Ranch Dressing! Now THAT'S fattening. It just wasn't beliveable for him to be on that island so long, and not to have lost a pound. I guess the fans were complaining so TPTB finally addressed the matter.

As for Sawyer's newfound dark side, I think all these nasty attributes are coming out of these characters for a reason, and it may have something to do with the "others" taking the so-called "good people" away. Remember they took all the kids and they're still trying to get their hands on the baby.


Peggy said...

Oh gosh, I must be heartless! It didn't bother me that he squished the little frog. I wouldn have too if it were driving me insane. These people must be going out of their minds, and probably have killed a lot worse to survive. Unlike Hurly, Sawyer has not been feasting on ranch dressing and junk food. His sense of reality would definitely differ because of it. I think food has a way of grounding a person, making them feel secure. Hurly is about the only one not going nuts. Could be stretching it but if he gets his daily intake of "normal" food, it helps the situation feel more normal. I think the point of the frog was Sawyer killed it after Hurly asked him not to. I don't think anyone would have been shocked if he had just found it and stepped on it.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It's not just Sawyer who's become less likeable. They spent season 1 showing all these "bad" people who needed redeeming, and they started down that path, and now every one of them is backsliding. There isn't a single character who's had a show focused on them who has been likeable or done things that make us empathize with them. I'm sure that's totally by design.

I didn't like that Sawyer killed the frog, but it was totally expected and doesn't change how I feel about him. Which is complex in itself. LOL

MJFredrick said...

Okay, Max did something today that I completely cannot forgive. No WONDER Gina left him. Butthead. I'm on Disc 6.

Natalie, you're exactly right. Look at the Sayid episode last week - Sayid did not come off well. He at least had more motivation. And you didn't like the Kate episode, either. These people are Not Good.

Tanya, you're right, people may not have thought anything about the frog if they hadn't talked about it first.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Mary! I forgot you hadn't finished Breaking Point.

(And, hmmm, can't even remember what Max may have done.)

I loved the Jules plot of Hot Target, the main romance not so much.

MJFredrick said...

No worries, Riemannia. As for what Max did - a certain phone call he didn't make.

Maria's Space said...

Thanks for the awesome Sawyer picture. I guess I must have missed this or it is not standing out in my mind. I need to see that I guess, he's still a hottie to me.

MJFredrick said...

Hi, Angelwings! It's no hardship to rewatch these shows, is it? Let me know what you think when you see it again!

Amie Stuart said...

I'm so late......despite hte fact Sawyer's supposed to be a bad guy, the frog thing nad how he acted in teh whole episode pissed me off.

MJFredrick said...

Hey, Cece! Where ya been? Your blog's gone!!!


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