I've been watching a few movies the past few weeks. Most are just meh. One I really did like.

I watched Just Like Heaven last night since My Name is Earl wasn't on. I really, really liked this movie. I don't want to reveal too much because I think part of what I liked were the twists, but usually the endings of romance movies leave me thinking it could have been better. This one was spot on perfect. Now, there was one thing that bothered me a little, but I was able to overlook it because I just liked the movie so much. Mark Ruffalo was a perfect beta hero. I'd like him better if he didn't sound so much like Ray Romano, though.

On Valentine's Day, we watched The Corpse Bride and The Constant Gardner. I know, I know, but we'd had them for over a week, and, well, I want Elizabethtown.

The Corpse Bride was....disturbing. I didn't really like The Nightmare Before Christmas, and this one is even darker. (My students love it, I had to see it. I can't believe it.) The songs were good, and as my husband kept pointing out, it was a romance (with a worthy love triangle, actually - you didn't know which bride to pull for) but I guess I just couldn't get past the darkness of it.

The Constant Gardner was very bleak. I love Rachel Weisz (and she got nominated because she was playing a 24 year old and she's 32 - better than the other way around, yes?) and I love movies about Africa. The way the suspense was layered in this one was good. But the color was very washed out, the subject matter very dark, and if you're watching for Ralph Fiennes, he didn't have much of a role until about an hour in. I spent a lot of time thinking, "I know where they got the title. No, I don't." If you know how they got the title, let me know!

In keeping with the Africa theme, I also saw Lord of War recently. You know how there was a bit of humor in the previews? Not any in the movie. Nicholas Cage is a terrific bad guy, though, and I'm going to take bits of him for my villain in the dream book. But it's violent and disturbing, especially the twist at the end.

I found out Walk the Line will be on DVD at the end of the month, as well as Pride and Prejudice. I'm also looking forward to seeing Elizabethtown (how was it, JoAnn?) and Prime (the one with Meryl Streep as the therapist and Uma Thurman as her patient, only Uma's having an affair with Streep's son).

What have you seen lately, and what are you looking forward to?

And since I saw Lost last night, here's a yummy pic.

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Gina Black said...

I didn't see many movies last year, but I did see Just Like Heaven because the DDs BF worked on it (I think he was responsible for some skylines or something). I enjoyed it too. In fact, more than I thought I would.

If you havne't seen the new P&P yet, I'd say it's a must-see. I enjoyed it very much.

Stacy Dawn said...

I saw Just Like Heaven earlier this week and really enjoyed it too. I rented it and the special features had an alternate ending which was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched many movies lately but I want to see P&P as well as Walk The Line :)

Just Like Heaven is another one I thought looked cute so I'm glad to hear it was a good one.

Dana Pollard said...

I can't wait to see Walk the Line and Tristan and Isolde.

Anonymous said...

Elizabethtown was good...and what I really needed after a sort of bad week. Made me feel better.

Walk the Line will be on sale on Feb. 28th. I saw it four times in the theater, and I will be the first one in line to buy it.


Toni Anderson said...

Pride & Pred, Walk the Line, Brokeback Moutain, Tristan & Isolde, must love dogs.

I need a day with the DVD alone (but then I'd be writing!! DH loves chick-flicks, he cried at the Notebook so at least I don't have to feel guilty for inflicting soppy movies on him--not that he'd admit it :)

MJFredrick said...

Tristan and Isolde! I forgot about that one!

Gina, I'm a die-hard Colin fan. P&P will have to work hard to impress me ;) Fun how your DD's BF worked on Just Like Heaven!

Stacy, I'm glad you told me about the alternate ending before I returned the movie!

Toni, I didn't like Must Love Dogs, and I love John Cusack and Diane Lane. Let me know what you think when you see it.


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