So now that we’ve fantasized the call, let’s fantasize about our covers.

Name: Big and Bold. On top, on bottom, it doesn’t matter because it’s your name. And it’s on the cover of a book.

Title: Big and Bold. Your title. The one you worked through this book with. The one you finalled in contests with. The one people will look at and say, “Oh, yeah, I heard about this book.”

Colors: For Hot Shot, I want reds and oranges and blacks. It’s about wildfire, after all. A George Clooney-esque hero, sweaty in a yellow fireshirt, or in a black t-shirt. Maybe carrying two little girls as he does in one scene. A blonde heroine with a straight ponytail coming out of her hard hat. Maybe in the background looking at the hero, maybe by his side. I’d prefer a photograph-style cover, but I just hope it’s good.

For Surface, blues and greens. Ocean, a dive boat, beach in the background, a Gerard Butler-esque hero on the deck in a wetsuit or an undershirt stretched tight across his chest. Maybe standing behind the blonde heroine, his hands on her shoulders, looking down at her.

For Don’t Look Back, greens and browns. Jungle-looking. An army truck, maybe, a washed out dirt road. A drenched Gerard Butler-esque hero looking longingly at a soaked Evangeline Lily-esque heroine. Steam, heat apparent in all of it.

Quotes: This was actually what my post was going to be about before I got carried away by my imagination. My friend Robyn has a quote by Pam Morsi. Julie Ortolon has a quote from Virginia Henley. Virginia Kantra has a quote from *gasp* Suzanne Brockmann.

Who would you want your quote from, if you could pick an author? I would love Suzanne Brockmann (hardly likely, especially after my comments about Max). Cherry Adair, maybe. Someone who has a similar style to me.

So tell me about your fantasy cover!

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Toni Anderson said...

Sigh--I have to change my title for Venus' Slipper. Still working it out. Gonna be difficult!!

I'd ask Suz--I never say anything bad about her, though I did drool all over her in Reno!!

Stacy Dawn said...

Wow, I haven't even got that far in my fantasies yet.

Okay, a cover for Time of Her Life...hmmm, it's a romantic comedy so I'd like to see a fun more cartoonish type with her holding the hand of a shadow of a man on one side while looking back at hunky Time in full colour on the other with a smirk on his lips.

Anonymous said...

Who would I want a quote from? Let's see, Kathryn Smith, Lisa Kleypas, or Jenna Petersen to start ;)

Dana Pollard said...

I really wouldn't care what my cover looked like as long as John DeSalvo was on it.

MicheleKS said...

Linda Howard or Nora Roberts would be my fantasy quote but any author nice enough to do this for me would be greatly appreciated.

MJFredrick said...

But...but....Venus' Slipper is a GREAT title! I love it! Good luck finding one you like.

Stacy, that cover sounds great! You have such an artistic way of thinking (your cow cards are a big hit with my buddies!)

Bonnie, you write historicals, right? Those would be good quotes. I met Lisa Kleypas at SARA - she's not only gorgeous, but she's so NICE and she made us cry (remember, Michele and JoAnn?)

Dana, LOL, I understand your obsession! Wouldn't that be a dream come true?

Michele, yes, I would LOVE a quote from either Linda or La Nora. Virginia Kantra, too.

Toni Anderson said...

Mary--they just didn't feel it expressed the RS nature of the book. :( They just didn't get it!!

MJFredrick said...

Toni, I guess that makes sense, but it was still a great title.


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