You know, in Atlanta, I was GOOD. Usually on road trips, every time we stop for gas, I get a diet coke and a snack. This time, no. I didn't eat all my meals until Saturday, and there were KRISPY KREME donuts in the hotel and I never ever bought one! I was SO GOOD.

I've not been that good since I've been home.

Okay, Friday.

I woke at 6:30 and headed downstairs to go over my notes for the workshop, maybe write a bit. I ended up talking to a woman, and we spoke about 10 minutes before I realized I knew her, Holly Jacobs! We used to be on the AOL series board together! She gave me advice about my workshop as I drank my mocha latte. I went down to get a croissant and some strawberries from the free breakfast. I sat with our chapter president. Then I went to the bathroom and found two more chapter members in line (I only stood in line twice the whole conference.) We made dinner arrangements, then I followed one of them, Kei Swanson, to the workshop on writing action scenes. My workshop was the next session, and I didn't think I'd have the nerves to sit through someone else's but it was in the same room, so I stayed. I told the lady next to me if I had to crawl over her it was just that I had to go throw up. She ended up staying for our workshop (and I saw her again the next day when I was pitching). The workshop went well, though I talked too much and too fast, and my charm bracelet jingled in the microphone.

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I went to the Avon signing and got a TON of books, then to lunch at the food court with the Noodlers. It was a madhouse - I still can't believe we got three tables together. Pris and I ran back to go to a workshop on emotion, but I went to drop my books off in my room first, got waylaid, and went to the pocket signing, where I got Eileen Rendahl's newest (she signed it "To my favorite stalker" because I kept running into her in the elevator!) I also got The Manolo Matrix by Julie Kenner.

I went to the workshop on Secondary Characters, which was good, then to the GH reception. I'd thought the whole time I'd forget about it. Instead, Trish did! We had champagne (I also had a diet coke and water - it was HOT in there!) and they handed out the certificates. I was surprised to see which Rita finalists showed up. It seems in years past, more have shown up. This time about half didn't.

Trish and I went to the SMP booksigning and Trish introduced me to Rose Hilliard, who I had an appt with the next morning. (Trish knows EVERYBODY!) Then at 5:30, Trish and I met with some SARAs and we walked down to Steak and Ale for dinner, then came back to Stacy's SUITE for wine and conversation. I think I laughed more then than at any other time in the conference. We were winding down, when four other SARAs came in from the HQ party. We watched the fireworks from the Braves game and laughed and talked till 11:30. I had an appt in the morning, so time for me to go.....


Anonymous said...

How fun! I love your skirt.

Colleen Gleason said...

I was not nearly as good as you were, Mary. I had two Krispy Kremes while I was there, and had to forcibly restrain myself from having more.

But they were so good!!!!

Wish I would have seen your workshop, but I'm ordering the CDs, so will have it anyway.

Toni Anderson said...

I have never had a Krispi Kreme. One day :( Looks like great fun :)

Trish Milburn said...

I somehow managed to avoid the Krispy Kremes too, but there was plenty of dessert during the week.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Mary Beth! I like that you can see my very painful WalMart shoes in this pic!

Colleen, I just wasn't hungry for them. Weird, because I LOVE KKs!

Kei Swanson said...

The Krispy Kremes hold no fasination for me unless they are at the real store and the HOT sign is on! When were stationed at Warner Robins, and KK was unknown to the world, we'd go to Macon on Saturday mornings for hot KK! Yum. I'm sure I'm still carrying some around on my hips.
Mary it was great to see you in Atlanta. New year, baby, nezt year!! Texas mojo!


MJFredrick said...

Kei, all KKs have to do is EXIST and I love them. They had a shop down the street and I did my BEST to keep them in business, but they shut down :(

I wish we could have seen more of each other in Atlanta!


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