How Obsessed Can You Get?

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I have an obsessive personality (you may have noticed that about me.) I realized it in 5th grade when I had to take ALL my Trixie Belden books on vacation to CA with me on vacation.

I was also obsessed with Shaun Cassidy (had to hurry home Sunday nights to see Hardy Boys, had my room covered with his posters, had all the teen magazines, had his album, and for good measure, his brother's albums, too). Then John Schneider.

Then U2. THAT one was bad. All the albums, but also all the singles (they'd put new songs on the B-sides, the bastards.) I had their FRIENDS' albums. I had posters and shirts and the buttons (remember the buttons?) I had one of Fred's friends paint a big U2 on the back of a jean jacket. I bought Rattle and Hum the day it came out on video. I subscribed to their fan magazine, bought every book about them, went to their concert in Austin (8th row). My friend Cindi's husband drew me a huge poster of Bono as The Fly.

Perhaps that one was the worst. Sadly, I no longer have anything but the singles and albums, which my son hates me for.

I obsessed over Gerry, have all his movies and soundtracks to each. Same with Clooney. Now it's Grey's. I got the soundtrack this week just to keep me in a Grey's kind of mood. And I'm forbidden to say "Seriously" in the house.

What's your worst obsession?

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Trish Milburn said...

No surprise that I'm there with you in the obsessive department. Good thing it's not the bad kind of obsessive. I'd say I've become obsessive about Buffy and Angel this summer, and I'm totally addicted to Bones and Prison Break. I'm a big fan of the Underworld movies and J.R. Ward's books. Other than Bones and PB, I'm sensing a vampire theme, which would have surprised me a few years ago. All these things have one thing in common though, an interesting love story mixed in with the action and tension.

Colleen Gleason said...

Oh, I remember the buttons too! I went to a Catholic (all girls!) high school, and we had to wear uniforms. Blue vests with white blouses and plaid skirts (exactly like on the cover of Ally Carter's I'd Tell You I Love You But I'd Have To Kill You--except not as cute).

Anyway, the only thing that we could wear to express ourselves were those buttons. Some of us had tons of them.

As far as obsessions...well, I go through obsession phases like you do. I was obsessed with Buffy (but I still haven't finished the fourth season, or any after that), I was obsessed with The J Geils Band in high school (that one was bad). I was obsessed with Parker Stevenson (didn't like Shaun that much), and Sting. (Well,I'm still obsessed with Sting.)

And now I guess I'm crazy about Gerry.

KATZ said...

Funny that you have Captain Jack on this post...Johnny's my recent obsession (everyone seen Pirates2 with that KISS?). I had to back it off, though. DH passed him on Letterman, and I was like "Ooh, ooh, ooh, go back!" before I realized it.

DH said, "So that's how it is now, huh?"

Oops! :) Not sure dh would go for me buying all of Johnny's movies!

MJFredrick said...

So, see, Trish, you need to see Grey's. Not as much action as you're used to, but lots of love stories. I like Christina and Burke's best, since Denny's gone.

Man, Colleen, I would have gone batty. I went to Catholic middle school and you could NOT wear buttons. My jean jacket in high school added about 5 lbs to my weight, though!

J Geils? Really? I had a Journey thing going, but not bad.

LOL, Sarah. I did a lot of the movie buying on the sly, then suddenly, WHOOPS! I have all of GC and GB's movies ;) My dh gives me looks now and then, but mostly ignores it.

I did the "stop! go back!" when they had McDreamy on the red carpet Sunday (though he's not MY McDreamy) and boy, did I get ribbed.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I can join your Obsessives club--hell, I should be the president.

I never obsessed like this until I hit adulthood and met Megan Hart. It's totally her fault.

My first obsession was Brendan Fraser, after Mummy Returns. I rented EVERY movie he did except one that I couldn't find anywhere. That faded from lack of feeding. Then it was Lord of the Rings (mainly movies, I didn't like the books). That slowly morphed to Orlando Bloom. I've since had a series of TV obsessions: Lost, Alias, Smallville, Firefly. The only one that transcends obsession to Passion is Firefly. There isn't a single other TV show I watch over and over and over again. Oh, there's Harry Potter, too, that's an obsession.

How does my husband handle it? He gave me a full-size Legolas standee for Mother's Day one year.

Last month? My mother-in-law called me to tell me Orlando was on Leno.

I love my family. :)

MJFredrick said...

Yes, Natalie, I've seen pictures of your office. You SHOULD be president!

I bought an Orli notebook yesterday. A Johnny one, too.

Kelly Boyce said...

I admit to the obsessiveness too. When I find an actor I have the hots for, I have to go buy all his movies. Even the bad ones. Which explains why I have Shaft and MidSummer's Night Dream in my DVD library...

Anonymous said...

I was obsessed with Antonio Banderas for years. That obsession started my writing career, because my friends and I wrote fanfics about him. I've long been obsessed with the Charmed TV show...I own the series on DVD! I'm not currently obsessed with any single person...we'll see how long that lasts. :)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yes, Natalie, I've seen pictures of your office. You SHOULD be president!

*blushes and giggles*

I bought an Orli notebook yesterday. A Johnny one, too.

I had to refrain. My 11-year-old is obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean and bought those. So it was too creepy for me to get some, too. LOL

Stacy Dawn said...

Sometimes I think it's the obsessiveness that gets us through the mundane.

Trish Milburn said...

Kelly, I know what you mean. I watched Crow: Wicked Prayer (terrible movie) on TV one night just to see David Boreanaz. :) I'm so excited. The Bones season premiere is tonight.

MJFredrick said...

LOL on the bad movies....dude, anyone who's seen Dracula 2000 (or, seriously, Timeline - what the HELL was that? We're in danger. Run. Got caught. Damn it. Escape. Run. Get Caught. AHHH!) knows the depth of obsession.

Justin Chambers was in some crapfests, too. The Musketeer? BLEH! Southern Belles? What was that? Now he's in a new movie called The Zodiac. I might go rent it tonight...

Stacy, don't you mean the MONDAYn?? ;)

Tracy Montoya said...

Right now I have a horrible, embarrassing, Mrs.-Robinsonesque crush on William Beckett, the lead singer of a mediocre "alt-rock" band called The Academy Is... (He sings the chorus on the "Snakes on a Plane" song.) Here's the sad thing--he JUST turned 21. How wrong is that? He's younger than my little brother, the surprise. I also have a continuing obsession with David Boreanaz, who is at least my age. And Sting. LOVE his music, won't ever stop wishing for a Police reunification. And Project Runway. I LOVE that show entirely too much. Obsessions are good, unless they turn you into a stalker.

MJFredrick said...

Tracy, I will post pictures of my inappropriate crush later this week. He's 27, but still!


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