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I went to bed before 10 last night, only to wake up by 3 AM. Crud. And today is a long, boring inservice.

I skipped SARA last night. By 11 AM, I was so tired that my PREGNANT friend was wincing when she'd see me walk. See, I changed grade levels, so I thought I'd be changing rooms last year. So I packed EVERYTHING in boxes. Well, I didn't change rooms, so I had to take everything back OUT of the boxes. My friend Cindi who stayed in the same grade level AND IS 5 MONTHS PREGNANT had to move. Only this summer they retiled the library and put all the books in her old classroom. Over 200 boxes. She couldn't even get in to get her stuff out until yesterday (and we only get one day provided by the district. Cindi and her husband usually come in a week early to get their rooms ready, only they couldn't this year.) So we moved her as much as we could. Then they decided they needed to wax the floor, so there are still shelves of books and a full closet we couldn't empty.

Who I feel sorry for is the teacher moving INTO her room. Yesterday was our workday and she couldn't get in the room to work! The principal tried to get her an extra day, but the main office wouldn't allow it. Nice.

Anyway, I feel guilty for missing SARA. I usually don't miss, but when I do, I don't feel guilty.

Hopefully, during inservice, I can get started on my lesson plans for next week, write up an interview for my cousin for the WNP Superheroine article, write up an idea for Trish's blog and write up an idea for the SARA newsletter.

If I can stay awake.

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Marianne Arkins said...

Geez, Mary, I'm tired just thinking about it. I have a friend who taught third grade, and finally quit because of the chasm between what they expect you to do and what they pay you to do -- she figured she could make more money with less stress at McDonalds.

We really don't treat our teachers very well. Hang in there -- what you do is so important!

Unknown said...

That does sound tiring. Good luck with everything.

Stephanie said...

You can do it, Mary : ) We're all here to listen to any complaining you need to do!

KATZ said...

We're back to George are we? Yum! :)

MJFredrick said...

Marianne, I told Cindi what you said. She took a half day to finish working in her room. I was so mad at her for that. They don't pay her to do that! If it had been up to the principal, she could have stayed in her room, but it was up to the Big Bosses, who thought it was much more important we cram 6 binders worth of REAMS of paper for stuff we'll never have time to teach.

Gosh, that sounds like I didn't take a nap ;)

Thanks, Tess and Bosey!

Sarah, yeah, till Hot Shot is done AGAIN we're going with George. Though I have a new crush I'm dying to share.

Anonymous said...

That stinks. :-(

Anonymous said...

Man, that bites! I hope you get to relax and recuperate this weekend!!!

MJFredrick said...

I shall survive ;) Did discover my BRAND NEW pencil sharpener is missing. Said a LOT of curses over that one. So going to Office Max this weekend.

Thanks, Mary Beth and Tawny.


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