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Okay, remember a few days ago I was asking what makes your characters attracted to one another? Well, I was watching Grey's Thursday, and Burke is all out of shape because Christina kept her apartment as a safety when she moved in with him. He said, "I love you. What is wrong with you that you just won't let me?"

Thing is, I honestly don't see why he loves her. Anyone?

I was also noticing the themes that resonate in the episodes. I knew the writers picked medical cases to reflect the themes of the episodes, but it was never more clear to me than in Thursday's episodes.

The first was when Meredith was waiting for McWienie - I mean, McDreamy - to choose between her and his estranged wife. While she's waiting, there's a train wreck, and one of the injuries was two people skewered together by a pole. The doctors have to choose which one will live. The moment Meredith learns McDreamy's choice was not her, the young woman skewered starts to crash. The doctors jump in to help her, then the man starts to go down, and the doctors run to help him, leaving the young woman to die. Meredit stands over the patient, crying, "What about her?" and Bailey says, "She never had a chance." Perfect mirror for Meredith in Derek's life.

The second episode was the one where Mark (McSteamy, and OMG, is he EVER - what is WRONG with Addison that she lets Derek treat her that way when McSteamy loves her and wants her back?) comes to Seattle. He wants Addison to come home with him, but she's determined to make her marriage work. (WHY, Addison? Why oh why?) And McSteamy gets in on one of Derek's cases, a boy with lionitis, where the bony tumors make his face misshapen, and are also encroaching on his brain. These two former best friends (can you imagine the two of them walking down a NYC street together? Women swooning everywhere?) are forced to work together to solve this boy's problems, only the boy dies. Is this a portent of what will happen to Derek and Addison's marriage?

In a subplot, Meredith finds herself taping hate messages for a cancer patient who is dying. He has a 1 in 4 chance of surviving the surgery, and he doesn't want to die without people knows how he really feels. So Meredith tapes him, feeling uncomfortable in the face of his vitriol. When, over surgery, Burke asks if she mailed them, she says no, it didn't feel right. Burke, who has just discovered Christina kept her own apt, goes off on Meredith. "Not doing what you say you're going to do makes you a liar."

The writing on this show is brilliant - I can't wait till the season premier on the 21st. Until then, I have Sundays and Thursdays and my DVDs.

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Anonymous said...

I loved both shows Thursday. You're so right about the themes.

MJFredrick said...

Just you and me, Mary Beth!

I make a point NOT to watch the train wreck one, but I watched this time. I can't stand watching the girl die.


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