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It's so rough getting back in the swing. Today I woke up extra early to get into work to get my classroom ready (and to swing by Starbucks). I know I should be done by lunch, but my friend Cindi, who is pregnant, is having to MOVE her classroom and wasn't even able to get into her old one to get her stuff because ALL the library books are in there. They ripped out the carpet in the library and put down new tile, and stored everything in Cindi's room. So she can't even get her stuff out, and the teacher who's taking her classroom can't even get in because the cutodians couldn't wax the floor, either! So I'll be helping Cindi, hopefully, if I get done early.

The boss man took us to dinner yesterday, which was really nice. The first thing he said to me when I walked in on Monday was, "I MISSED YOU!" all enthusiastic. He's the greatest.

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On Monday, I was so anxious that I ran into a curb and blew out my tire. $250 later, all is well, but MAN, what a dummy.

And tonight's SARA - If I didn't have so much stuff I needed to take, I would skip. I'm TIRED!

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I started the Dangerous...I don't remember the title, but the author was Korbel, from Nocturne. Very well written, but about fairies. I don't really do fairies. So I started Eternally, which is about an Immortal chasing a demon who kills women. It's getting pretty good.

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April said...
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April said...

Hugs on the tire and all of the work... Get some really good naps in! Good luck! :-)

KATZ said...

Hey honey! Sorry I've been out of touch...hang in there!
Girls started school today, and it's a tough transition.

I tried teaching for 9wks, and my stomach hurts just thinking of that nightmare experience.

Teachers who love it and do it well are a treasure, simply awe-inspiring, and I hope you have a wonderful school year.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, April - I got out early, at 2 today, and came home and napped.

Sarah, I thought you'd gotten buried in your new job? Your girls started school for the first time? Hard transition on them or you ;)? Thanks for the good wishes!


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