A Very Supernatural Top Ten (Spoilers Abound)

15 more hours till the Supernatural premiere!!! The program went VERY well last night - if only I'd remembered my camera!


10) Hell House
9) Shadow
8) In My Time of Dying
7) Skin
6) Pilot
5) Hookman
4) Crossroads
3) Faith
2) Scarecrow
1) Croatoan

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10) “I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!”
9) “If someone tells you a place is haunted, don’t go in!”
8) “Demons I get – people are crazy.”
7) “Cristo?”
6) “Your half-caff double vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis.”
5) “Vampires. It gets funnier every time I hear it.”
4) “What kind of house doesn’t have salt? Low sodium freaks.”
3) “That little fabric softener teddy bear? Ooh, I want to hunt that little bitch down!”
2) “Your girlfriend is past her expiration date and we’re crazy?”
1) “When I told Dad I was afraid of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.”

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10) Crossroads – Dean kicks in the front door of the stalked guy’s house. He’s getting ready to kick in the library door and Sam stops him by grabbing his leg. Sam gives him a look, and opens the unlocked door.

9) Bugs – The welcoming committee makes it clear they accept homeowners of every race, creed…and sexual orientation.

8) Provenance – Dean’s trying to bust the glass with the butt of the gun, it’s not working, so he goes out to get something else, looks at the gun in his hand, then shoots the glass out.

7) Home – Dean tells Sam he was the one who carried him out of their burning house when Dean was only 4, and how Sam unknowingly echoes his father’s words when sending Jenny’s kids outside.

6) Shadow – After all season of looking for John, they find him, but Dean sends him away, because being around his sons makes him too vulnerable. I love how John wants to stay because the boys are beat to hell, and how Sam wants John to stay so they can stick together.

5) In My Time of Dying – the Ouija board scene

4) Route 666 – the love scene

3) The psychic boy who locks Sam in a closet and Sam punches his way out when he has a vision of Dean dying – only he punches his way out with his mind.

2) In the beginning of one of the shows this season, they put together all the fake identities the boys have had, all one after the other. It was great!

1) Croatoan – from the Impala trick to the time Sam is infected, to him asking for a gun, to Dean staying with him, even giving away the Impala, all the way to the cliffhanger – THAT part I didn’t like!

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10) Sam telling the two fake ghostbusters they had a movie deal in LA – that was just mean

9) Linda Blair episode – she believed Dean way too easy

8) Something Wicked – they jumped to conclusions too quickly, based on an empty playground

7) The clown episode

6) Any time John speaks in exposition

5) The wreck of the Impala

4) John saying the Colt was made in 1835, the same night those men died at the Alamo – The battle of the Alamo was in 1836.

3) Jo teaming up with the boys

2) John’s remark to Dean about taking better care of the Impala – sounded WAYYYYY too familiar. And jerky.

1) John dying

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10) Don’t stop for a body in the road – it could be a vampire.
9) No matter how good the apple pie is, don’t linger in Burkitsville with your significant other.
8) There is such a thing as too many Deans.
7) Check out the history of a house for strange fires, demonic possession and Indian curses before moving in.
6) People believe anything they read on the web, and with the right graphics, it can come true!
5) Lock your windows, especially if your brother or sister is recently ill enough to be at the hospital.
4) Don’t pick up hitchhikers, especially ones who carry silver goblets around.
3) Believe in your nightmares.
2) It’s not nice to marry your sister.
1) Family is stronger together than apart.

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Trish Milburn said...

LOVE today's post. Can't wait until new episodes start. Must look up when new episodes start.

MJFredrick said...

January 11, from what I hear.

Glad you liked it, Trish, especially since Natalie's out of town till Sunday and might not see it!

Amie Stuart said...

Those were fabulous!!!!! I'll have to share those wiht #2 son. I got him Supernatural for Christmas. I agree too the Clown episode freaked me out (freaked #1 son out even more cuz he hates clowns!)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I came here early! I checked my e-mail and you popped up on my Google alert for Supernatural, so I knew you'd posted it.

I love it, too! It made me want to go home and watch again, even though I've seen everything at least twice. I didn't disagree with much...like, I thought the "jumping to conclusions" was more blatant in the beginning of Croatoan than Something Wicked (they noticed the playground and asked why in SW, but in C they decided Dean threatening one man in the vision and the word on the pole were enough to believe someone was trying to wipe out the town)...anyway--I'll stop there, I won't hijack your blog with my own opinions. :)

Thanks for making my day! :)

MJFredrick said...

Amie, how fun! How old is your son? My 15 year old likes the show!

Natalie, I was a google alert??? AWESOME!!! And yeah, you're right about Croatoan, but the end made up for it a hundred times ;)

Amie Stuart said...

Mary he's 11 today =)

MJFredrick said...

Happy birthday to your boy, Amie!


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