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I didn’t touch Ghost Hunters at all this week. Bummer, because I wanted to write the query and start sending it out this week.

I did write every day on Small Town, and I know the next few scenes, but it’s not coming fast. Each scene takes more time than I’m used to because I’ve got more people, I’m seeing it unfold and I want to catch the details, and I’m working on building the relationship slowly. I love the book, though.

I did all my contract stuff for WRP and sent it in, and sent Susan Litman the full of DLB. I got a nice R from Kate Duffy on Surface. I don’t suck, but not for them. Fine, after I sent it, I thought maybe I’d revise to make it paranormal.

We didn’t have critique this week, so Mom and I went to a craft show and a nursery.

This week:

1) revise 70 pages of Ghost Hunters (still should be able to finish by Halloween)
2) write and send out queries
3) work on Small Town every day
4) SARA meeting
5) Field trip (same day as SARA meeting – yeah, I’ll be useless.)
6) Don’t sweat Gateway results announced this week, even though it is the last contest I entered Ghost Hunters in, or the last one I’ll hear from till December
7) Work on school website
8) Look into building a website of my own
9) Pester people to vote for TRISH in the American Title contest!
10) Call brother
11) Keep up at school
12) Keep up at home

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Bonnie Staring said...

Oh Mary, your to-do list makes me tired just looking at it! LOL


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