Writing Schedule....or Not???

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Still haven't picked a name. The dh really loves MJ Fredrick because of WHY I picked it. And he's been so supportive for so long. Feels like the least I can do for him.

Maybe Evan Fredrick.....or Mary Evans Fredrick.


Apparently I hadn't told Cindi I made my decision (I don't see her much at school, and I was out Friday and off campus Monday) and I think her feelings were hurt. I feel bad.

Supernatural tonight!!!! I watched last week's again, was still disappointed in the conclusion jumping at the beginning. I watched the first two episodes of last season last night, liked Everybody Loves a Clown more than I remembered, mostly because of the beginning and the end, instead of the urban legend itself.

You know I like to make schedules. But I was wondering, with my still unnamed WIP (though I'm thinking of calling the town Winchester Something) if pushing myself to meet so many pages a day is a good idea. This story, not being a suspense, will need to be more organic. I need to explore the characters more, their reactions, the secondary characters, and I think that's more important than trying to finish half this month and half in December (Nano between, remember?) I think as long as I write every day, the story will come, and will be better for it. I'll still keep my revision schedule, and if I don't start on my redo of Surface on January 1, it's no big deal.

Do you make/keep a writing schedule? Does it help you, or strangle you?

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Jennifer Shirk said...

No writing schedule, but I do have a word goal per week.

Hmmm. I like schedules, though. I think something like that might work for me. Maybe I'll try that for next week.

Trish Milburn said...

I like schedules too. It gives me a visual of where I need to be when. But I also think every story is different, and if this one is telling you it needs to come slower and more organically, listen to your instinct.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I agree with Trish. Every book has been different for me, and whenever possible, you might as well go with the flow, however it goes.


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