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My son is very interesting. I picked him up from school yesterday because he stayed after for a UIL meeting. He's going to be on the UIL history team. His history teacher (who he adores, argues with and emails) approached him about this, and my son said yes.

He's very politically minded. We watch The Colbert Report every night because of him, and you wouldn't believe all the books he's bought based on that show. He's reading THE END OF AMERICA right now and says every American should read it. He watches politics on You Tube. He watches the presidential debates instead of House.

I look at him and wonder where he came from.

I figure my mom did the same with me. My mom's very religious, she's very craftsy and homey. I was craftsy and homey when the boy was little, but now I much prefer writing. On our last trip to the coast, I was surprised how little my mom and I have in common anymore.

I know most of you have little kids, or no kids, but do you ever see a disconnect in how you raised them and the person they've become? It's not bad, it's just - I wonder what influenced the difference.

I'm working on backstory right now, after having the brainstorm Thursday night. MAN, I need new pictures ;)

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dawn said...

good for josh. is he taking w's military history class this year? i hope so.

i see such a similarity in my three kids. our music taste overlaps each other and other tastes mirror mine, to a certain degree. for instance, i feel in love with something very funky at an estate sale yesterday and took v back this morning...she loved it and b loves it, too. i know s will.

who knows? maybe, j will write about politics which would bring your skills fullcircle.

xoxoxo to you guys.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

My kids are younger, so we're not there yet. The ways we're the same (Number 1 in personality nearly all the way, Number 2 in our competitiveness at the least, and she's more like Daddy overall) still outnumber the ways we're different, and they still take in our philosophies and opinions. Number 1 is starting to go her own way and form her own paths and interests now that she's got a wider variety of outside influences and more freedom to explore them.

But there are a few surprising differences in both kids, the biggest one being faith. It's not an element of our lives--I always wanted them to make their own choices and was never sure how to let them know their options without "endorsing" any certain view. So right now, they are completely opposite to my husband and me.

MJFredrick said...

Dawn, yep, he's in W's class. He ADORES that man.

There are a few things the boy and I have in common, but not a lot. The kid just isn't sentimental :)

Natalie, neat about your kids and faith. For awhile, J went there, too. He's got a very strong moral compass and I think that was part of it.

It's interesting that I raised him to be his own person and now I'm surprised he is ;)


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