Halloween Costumes

funny cat pictures - Iz tired frum lilkken all  dem dishes kleen!

My brother's having his big Halloween bash this weekend. Usually we go to Party City Saturday morning and see what's left (fewer decisions to make that way, get it?)

But I'm looking for suggestions for the three of us that DOESN'T require a trip to a busy store and a lay-down of lots of cash, since we're all chipping in on the margarita machine, too. I have: a blonde curly wig, a Cleopatra wig, a fat lady from the opera helmet, a doctor's outfit, Caesar's robes, a knight outfit and a princess outfit.

Any ideas?

It's raining, and a cool front is coming in. I think all my slacks are at the dry cleaners :(

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Hmmm. How about somebody be the doctor and somebody dress all bloody and banged up like they had an accident (AKA the patient).
I bet you can make a IV, too. Get a ziplock bag and fill it with water and attach some sort yarn/rope to the person's arm.
You could have two patients or have someone else be a nurse.
Wear the wigs, too. LOL!

Jill Monroe said...

I'd suggest vampire teacher. You have that costume already at home. Just add the teeth and blood. In fact, I think you should go to school that way. And not on Halloween!

Cold front arrived in Oklahoma. Sigh.

MJFredrick said...

Love it, Jennifer!!!! Great idea about the IV, too!

LOL, Jennifer! I AM the vampire teacher ;) Ooh, and I could get one of those plastic bats and attach it to my shoulder, or something, like it's biting me.....

Lace Wigs with Bangs said...

Good one! I would love to give it a try.
Very well composed and presented.


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