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Tawny tagged me

Eight random things about me…

1) I love calendars. I make them, buy them, keep track for a little while, then forget to use them.
2) I have 4 Adirondack chairs (the plastic kind) because one of my teacher friends said her dh made her one and she sat in it to relax and write.
3) I only buy stuff for my house in early summer or in fall. Those are the homey times for me.
4) The barbecue we went to last night was in the town where my first book was set. The very last scene in that book was set at that barbecue. I love the very last scene in that book. Probably because the book took me almost 2 years to write.
5) I don’t like barbecue.
6) I don’t hear well in places with lots of ambient noise.
7) My house smells like skunk – so bad my eyes are watering. My cats didn’t get sprayed, though. No telling why it smells so strongly.
8) I bought myself a Dillon Panthers t-shirt. Yes, obsessed.

I think everyone's done this one....if you haven't, feel free!

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Tawny said...

LOL on not liking BBQ, and hugs on the skunk smell (but, you know, cyber hugs that are far away from the smell)!

MJFredrick said...

Har-dee-har-har, Tawny! ;)

I don't know WHY we had such an awful stench, but the boy smelled it, too. I finally did go back to sleep, though.


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