My last day of vacation. Sigh. Usually we go back from vacation to a workday, but this year our workday is in 2 weeks, at the beginning of the semester. I need a workday to work out my new teaching plan, since I didn't bring any of my materials home.

I wrote at least 16 handwritten pages (and finished my Johnny Depp notebook, moved onto my Orlando Bloom one) yesterday, and cleaned the living room. Today I need to take the boy to the dr and clean the sunroom, and hopefully write a ton more, though I reached my goal of getting through the second haunted house.

Cindi and I have decided that our career, when we retire, will be product testers. Why? Because we are fascinated by the many products sold on TV. My fingers seriously itch to dial when they say, "But wait! There's MORE!"

The ones that have caught my attention lately are:

The Clever Clasp - magnets you hook to your regular jewelry so you don't have to perform contortions to get your bracelets or necklace on. I think EVERY BRACELET should have this clasp. (8 for $14.99!!)

The Stick Up Bulb - installs anywhere without electricity, lasts for 10 years, is plastic, can be used even if the electricity is out - it's a MIRACLE! (2 for $19.99)

That crunch machine. You do crunches sitting up and pressing down on this device that offers resistance. You do a certain number of crunches on each side, and it's 400% more effective than doing regular crunches (which I don't know how to do right anyway.) You get 2 for $29.99!!! Share!

The Pilates machine. I admit, I know nothing about Pilates other than it's exercise, but it's only $29.99!

Sticky Sheets pet hair remover. I haven't actually seen this commercial, just heard about it when I was cleaning house before my stepmother came. Apparently it's these big sticky sheets you lay on the furniture, then pull up, with all the pet hair attached, and then you throw it away. You know, like big TAPE. I can see where it would be useful, but it's $19.99 a pack.

The pet vacuum - you attach the hose to a real vacuum in another room, so the noise doesn't scare the cats, and you brush your pet with it. I actually don't think thhis would work on any of my animals, but you have to credit someone with creativity!

The pet comb. I don't actually want the comb, but the free gift is this really cool lint/pet hair remover that is SELF CLEANING. I have a pet hair remover that is a PAIN to clean.

The broom with rubber bristles. You sweep with short little strokes and it gets up anything, even off carpet. Mom said she actually had one and it worked great.

What commercial products tempt you?

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Colleen Gleason said...

If I'd had those bracelet claspy-things, I wouldn't have lost my bracelet the other night.

Sign me up!

And I kneed the sitting-up-crunch thing too. Let's buy them together--one for you, one for me!

Linda Winfree said...

I want the space storage bags -- the ones you vacuum the air out of.

And Vidalia choppy thing looks neat, but I like using a knife.

Tomorrow's my first day back, too, with students. No workday for us, either. I have a student teacher, so I have to at least pretend I'm ready, LOL.

Have a great day!

April said...

But then my dog wouldn't get all that exercise from running after the vaccuum and pretending it's an alien from Mars! :-)

Hope your first day back wasn't too bad!!

Trish Milburn said...

Can't think of any commercials, but I saw something (I think on Colleen's blog) about this cool apple corer.

Kelly Boyce said...

I want the rubber broom. I'm convinced its the only thing that will get the dog hair out of my carpet...

MJFredrick said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Colleen, I only worry that the magnet might not be as strong as I like! And I did think about getting someone to split the cost of the crunch thing!

Linda, yes, those space storage bags! You'll notice, however, I didn't mention any kitchen appliances. I hate to cook (though I made crepes last night.) Good luck with your student teacher! You'll be glad of her in April!

LOL, April!

Kelly, my mom says she had one of those rubber brooms and it worked!


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