I Shouldn't Have Watched Dark Angel Before I Went to Bed

But one can only watch so much of Gilmore Girls before one's head explodes. What is UP with that dialogue? Take a BREATH!

Last night I dreamed about 24 soldiers from Dark Angel on the run from their creators, and trying to protect the creatures that had also escaped Manticore. I don’t think I was directly involved until later in the dream, when my whole family was living in this empty apartment, waiting for the chance to get out of the city because everyone was fleeing the city. Then there was a parade of the creatures who’d escaped, and I was in the parade somehow, and Buffy showed up, and my dad, and then it started snowing and we knew everything would be all right. And I couldn’t even take a picture of the snow because my camera’s disc was full.

And yesterday during my nap I dreamed about a vampire hunter who didn’t exactly hide the fact, she went around handing out flyers to people telling them to wear crosses and buy garlic. And Angelus was there ;) That one was because I know the ending to this story – the hero’s brother is going to bust in telling the hero and heroine that there’s been a vampire somewhere and they have to go find it, and the hero will look at the heroine all hopeful, like, “Can we, honey?”

Everyone is sick here. Nothing worse that 2 sick men, and now I’m coughing. Watched Band of Brothers and BSG all day, which is why I watched Dark Angel late.

I am in serious declutter mode. It took an hour yesterday to clean out 5 drawers and a cabinet in my guest room, and today I'm tackling the closet. What do you guys do with your old RWRs? I have them from 1998!

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Stacy Dawn said...

Happy New Year Mary!

Is it something about this time of year because I'm clearing things out too...enough with the clutter.

Of course the house looks so bare now that we've taken down all the Christmas decorations

Amie Stuart said...

I feel so bad drooling at that youngun like I do =)

I'm SO ready to do some decluttering! My children will hate me but so be it. It's time!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, Amie, don't feel bad.

A) He LIKES being drooled over; and

B) No matter how old you are, there is a man out there drooling over a woman the youngun's age. I think it's about time we had our turn. :)

Mary, I have all my RWRs, too, dating back to 1996. I bought bins for them and keep them in the closet, despite the fact that I have never looked in an old issue. I figure it's more stuff to bury the IRS agent in if I ever get audited. :)

MJFredrick said...

I usually hate how bare the house looks after the Christmas stuff is down, but this year it's a relief. I've given away 2 sets of dishes, a ton of toys (yes, I still held out hope those toys would get used again), and a ton of coffee mugs. And I ended up throwing out all the RWRs before 2006. I still have a bunch of the boy's old school papers to go through, see if there's anything worth salvaging.

Amie, I felt bad drooling, too, but they're not THAT young. Jared is 24 and Jensen is 28.

Yes, I'm rationalizing.


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