Man, it got cold a day early! I thought I'd have one more day to get my plants to safety (out of the cold, away from curious kitten paws). I guess I'll have to figure it out today. In the rain.

I couldn't settle down yesterday. Maybe it was the change in weather. God knows it's proven with students that weather changes bode no good. Even if you never watched the news, you could tell when the weather was going to change based on watching kids.

But I am a grown up. I should have more discipline. I got most of my chores done in the morning, so I should have had the rest of the day to write. I barely wrote at all, didn't even start a new scene. I think I wrote only 1,000 words all week.

My distractions? Not the usual suspects. I've been doing pretty good with email and blog hopping. I did spend longer than I should have last week on Cafe Press. Instead, I:

1) cleaned out my closet. Do you know that I have 8 pair of black sandals??? That's after throwing two pair away! One pair is from 2001, but I can't bear to part with them. As long as I keep using leather die and gluing the insole back in place....anyway, three big bags of giveaway, including three pair of jeans that no longer fit. And I hung up my purses instead of throwing them on the shelf.

2) read JoAnna's book, printed out my old cp's book and another ebook. I can't read ebooks as such, so I print them. And now have a big stack of paper on my ottoman.

3) finished my afghan.

4) indulged my Supernatural obsession, including buying an obscure Bad Company CD for the love song from Route 666 and checking out toy 67 Impalas on eBay.

5) keeping track of the weather, for all the good it did. This cold of weather is a big deal.

6) obsessed about what to get with my Target gift card. Got the dh long underwear and a hat for tomorrow and the dog a blanket she won't sleep on. Whoo and hoo.

So today, the dh has to work and the boy is having band practice. After we go to breakfast (we BETTER go to breakfast, we haven't done since Christmas Eve), I should have nothing but time. We'll see what I get done.

What's your biggest distraction?

Oh, and I was watching House with the boy and I like Sela Ward's hair. So I dreamed I got a hair cut and they left me with like half an inch of hair on top, and long hair in the back. I looked like an old lady!

How I wanted it to look:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I couldn't find a picture of how it looked, but suffice it to say - NOT pretty!

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Anonymous said...

LOL on the haircut dream, Mary.
My distractions have been the Weather Channel. Thunder ice storms. Veronica Mars and Colleen Gleason's new book I picked up Friday before the ice hit.
I finally HAD to start it, which is bad, bad, bad because I need to plan and write not read.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're done lots of things! As for me, my shoe collection looks miserable. I buy new ones when I absolutely have to, and then have blisters for months to come. My main distraction? Sleep. Apparently, I need about 7 hours to function normally - who knew! I hope you'll have a great breakfast and great week-end, Mary!

Cindy Taylor said...

This weekend's distractions have been the Weather Channel, buying a pump to get the excess (& I do mean excess) water out of the pool), football (Yay Colts!!), and Everybody Loves Raymond Season Two discs.

I've thoroughtly enjoyed all of them. Well, maybe not the pump thingy. No guilt. Nope.

MJFredrick said...

7 hours, Olga! Yeah, I guess I'm right around there, though I prefer 8 or more ;) How can I complain about my ds sleeping so much?

Look at us Texas girls, obsessed with the weather!

Mary Beth, I'm reading Colleen's book, too! I have the first season of VM, but haven't even opened it yet.

Cindy, LOL on the pump not being fun. I woke up this morning and my backyard was flooded from all the rain. At least it's getting 2007 off to a good start, though we're still in stage one of water restrictions.


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