NIghtmares and Theme

Ah, my romantic anniversary, complete with eating pizza, watching Star Wars and sleeping alone while the dh wheezed on the couch. (Okay, I wasn't exactly alone. The kitten got in somehow, and snuggled with me.)

I had terrible dreams, too. The first, that woke me at 12:30, was of a plane crash. It was a foggy night, and we were in a store parking lot (not any real place I've been) and we heard the plane crash, and could see the flaming wreckage. It was heartbreaking.

The second was about La Llorona (thank you, Supernatural. Really, it's surprising I don't have more dreams like this.)

The third had Rachel Weisz in it, and was about this baby who had this devastating disease and I was afraid to get too attached to it.

The fourth was that I was taking an overnight road trip by myself. Scary!

Yesterday was a loooonnnnnnnnngggggggg day at work (we'd look at the clock and say, "What do you MEAN it's only 10:00!) but on the long drive to work, I had a revelation about my story. I was listening to the classic rock station and heard "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger. And of course I was thinking about my story, and I realized that my heroine's issue is that she wants to be part of something REAL. She's been working for this luxury magazine that her family runs, but nothing is REAL. She wants to be a REAL journalist, and thinks when the magazine is sold, she'll get that chance. Only her first assignment is ghost hunting. And the guy she meets lies for a living. So she can only start to love him when she starts to see the REAL him. I think it ties in well, her conflict and the ghosties.

Also, I gave her a tattoo, a "tramp stamp." (What else to they call those?) And I'm thinking of making it something mystical. She doesn't know it is, but my hero figures it out and it has something to do with all the ghost stories he's telling coming true.

I really want to post my Supernatural ABCs, but I'm DETERMINED to find this one video and I haven't been able to.

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Trish Milburn said...

Dude, what was in that pizza? That's a lot of nightmares for one night. I think I would have just given up and got up.

Unknown said...

Dreams can have the best fodder in them, I swear.

And my dreams can be so odd, but there's usually something interesting in there, some nugget of something that I can use for the story....

Allie Boniface said...

Crazy dreams - wow! Though some of the craziest dreams I've had have given way to some of the craziest (and most interesting) story ideas.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

No wonder your day was so long! I hope you sleep better tonight.

MJFredrick said...

LOL - maybe it was the pizza, Trish! I actually kept going back to sleep, very unusual for me!

Candice and Allie, I get a lot of ideas from dreams. Surface was from a dream, Spy Girl was (though it ended differently), and my ghost hunters book is from a dream.

I was talking to my principal after school and HE had weird dreams last night, too. Maybe it was the storms that hammered the city last night.

Yes, Natalie, I hope so, too!


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