Turning Points

I feel significantly better today. Good thing - we're having visitors from main office today, and a faculty meeting today.

Dreams last night - very disjointed. Logan from Dark Angel was under attack - they were taking everything he loved, including blowing up his house, and he didn't want me going anywhere because he thought they might have installed a tracker on my Sunbird (which was, like 3 cars ago!) Why he didn't remove it, I don't know. More stuff about going to a banquet and trying on dresses that didn't quite fit and butterflies. Weird.

Yesterday I was stuck on my ghost hunters. I don't know if I mentioned that I'm structuring it around their experiences at 4 houses. At each house, something different reveals itself, something that isn't supposed to be there. Well, I'm done with the second house, and was ready for a turning point. As I understand it, you need three, right? Something that changes the direction of the story? This turning point was to be that my heroine found out that my hero has been faking some of the "haunted" goings on, but not others. The others are coming true by themselves, even though he's been making the stories up. My mistake, I believe, was that I was also having her discover he really does this, that he's just running the haunted tours for money, but he really is a ghost hunter. See, her issue is that she wants something REAL in her life, but Mal is anything but real, and for him to really believe there are ghosts....

So I think she shouldn't find out he's really a ghost hunter till later in the story.

Am I understanding this right?

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Unknown said...

OKay, so Mal is a ghost hunter for real, but he fakes it to make money off tours? Is that what she's figuring out?

Maybe if she "figures out" more that he's faking the tours -- then later she can find out he really does it, and that'll turn all her understanding and expectations up on her ear.

Because at this point, she'll think he's just a fake, and doesn't beleive, but he really does, but she won't figure that out for a while.

Does that make sense? It does in my head, I think. :)

Let me know if I need to elaborate on my brain. :)

Cindy Taylor said...

If she wants real and her "ghost experiences" are real to her but, in her mind, not to him because he makes her think he doesn't believe it's ghosts and that all he cares about is making money, then later on something happens that makes her realize that, not only does he believe, but he's also a ghost hunter, then wouldn't that suddenly make Mal "real" to her?

I had to read my comment several times before I felt it was as good as it was gonna get, so if you don't get it, just toss it. I know what I'm trying to say, It just looks like a puddle of mud. *g*

MJFredrick said...

Yes, these both make sense to me! Candice, that was kind of what I initially planned, the two separate reveals, but when I started writing, I had to stop myself from letting her find everything out all at once.

Cindy, the more she learns about Mal, the more real he'll be to her, so it makes sense that when she finds out he does this for real, he'll be "real." And when she finds out WHY.....even more real.

Okay, now I have to work this into the sucknopsis before next Saturday.


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