Decision and American Idol

Well, the decision's been made. I outlined my concerns to my critique group and got an "I'm sorry you won't be part of the project" email. So, I won't be part of the project.

We get an hour delay today, which means I can stop at Starbucks and still get there in time to make copies ;) I am worried about the boy, because he doesn't have to be there till 10, but is the bus still coming at 8:30?? No one knows!

I have no pants because I couldn't get back to the cleaners to pick them up, so I have to wear a skirt today. Cindi's husband is out for inservice, so I need to help get his stuff ready.

I watched American Idol while I was writing the past few nights - easy to do since it's so bloated with commercials!


Jessica was the first contestant who tried out and she wanted it SO BAD and didn't make it. My heart just broke for her, but I was so glad she had a support group waiting for her. Later, a girl named Denise, who was 16, got a yes. When she came out with her golden ticket, one of her friends was more excited than she was. And then there was the boy Max, who made it but was bummed because his parents weren't there with him, because it was too expensive. He called his mom and burst into tears because she was proud of him. Y'all, I was so ready to adopt him.

Anyway, I was thinking how like writing that is. We have our support group to buoy us when we fail, and to celebrate for us when we succeed. I'm more and more astonished by that every year, and that's a huge reason I can't walk away. It's hard to travel this path alone. I don't know how people do it!

Anyway, in one hour, only 3 people got through, only 17 total from MN. Why do they show so many horrific ones? Don't they go through 3 rounds of auditions? I get the ratings, you know, but BALANCE! I'd be more interested to see how they differentiate between the middle-of-the-road and good.


My heart broke for the stay-at-home mom who had a 6 year old who thought she was the best (I miss that) and whose husband told her she was wasting her time. I'm so lucky no one has ever said those words to me. I thought she was very brave for continuing on despite his words.

I loved the brother and sister, was glad they both got to go.

The two friends who met in line, Jonathan and Kevin, were so sweet and supportive to each other. Loved them.

Best quotes:

"Almost inhuman"
"None of the things you want singing to be"
"Bohemian Crapsody"

Too bad there weren't any funny quotes about, you know, being GOOD!

New Supernatural tonight!

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Kelly Boyce said...

Sorry you won't be part of the novella, but if it didn't feel right I think you made the right decision.

And I loved the Bohemian Crapsody line, that was priceless!

MJFredrick said...

You know I won't be able to think of the song by any other name, now.

When I was music teacher, I would hold a talent show, and Cindi got some of her kids to do that song. It sounded great! They got 2nd place.

I'm feeling okay about the decision, but the way you guys supported me was awesome. Thank you.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Am I reading that wrong, or did they basically say "fine, forget your concerns, you're out"?

If so, it's a crappy way to end the dilemma. If I'm misunderstanding, then congratulations on your decision. :)

MJFredrick said...

I kinda got that vibe, Natalie. And it was weird that just one cp made the comment. No one else responded at all. I mean, I got more pep talk and reasonging things out with you guys and the Wet Noodle Posse than with the women I've been working with for 2 years. Which kinda tells me my gut was right.

Tracy Montoya said...

I felt bad for the mother with the six-year-old, too. I felt even worse when she opened her mouth and was awful. So painful. I wish they'd start showing more good auditions again. People! If it's not broken, don't freaking FIX it!

And I'm glad you're out of the project, as abruptly and oddly as it seems to have happened. We writers-with-day-jobs have precious little time to write as it is without wasting time on something that feels off.

MJFredrick said...

I know, Tracy, I just wanted her to be a good singer after what her husband told her. I mean, I'm sure he could have been gentler with her.

When I first started watching AI, the bad ones were more spread out. Now, it's rare to see 4 good singers in an hour!

Thanks for the support about The Project!


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