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I'm going to the Rodeo tonight! Woot! I had to arrange for the boy to get to the Hillary Clinton town meeting too - fortunately Cindi was already going, and get this - just before, she has a dr. appt. RIGHT BY MY HOUSE. Couldn't be more perfect. So she's going to pick up the boy, then her mom, then go to the meeting, then bring him home. Is she AWESOME or what?

The boy has decided he wants to major in broadcast journalism and political science. Wow.

We went to pay our respects to Mrs. Orozco, the boy's kindergarten teacher last night. Her daughter and I used to teach together, so we talked a bit. She was very happy we went, and so was I.

No wardrobe malfunctions yesterday, though I have no idea what I'm wearing today. It's 40 degrees again, and the only solid color skirts I have are my denim ones and black. And only one pair of pants is clean, and I want to wear them tomorrow.

Good thing I got up at 4 yesterday or I wouldn't have gotten ANY pages done.

My chapter is having another plotting retreat, the weekend before the boy goes to NYC. I feel weird going away that weekend, though, like I won't see him for awhile, and yet I'm not going to be here.



Trish Milburn said...

Maybe we'll see the boy on MSNBC's political coverage in a few years. :)

Tracy Montoya said...

COOL major choice. How was the town meeting?

MJFredrick said...

That's what he wants, Trish! Certainly not FOX news ;)

Tracy, he was very disappointed because they couldn't get in. Then he was upset she only said a few words to the several hundred people outside before she left, but that she took time to go walk around Woodlawn Lake. I don't think he gets it completely, yet.


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