Movie Day, Need Some Help, and NOOOOOO!!!!!!

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A LOT of good movies are coming out on DVD today, movies I’ve been looking forward to. So after tutoring, I’m swinging by Blockbuster and trading my 3 DVDs for 3 of the following:

The Aristocats – my favorite Disney movie when I was a kid. I had a Marie doll from Disneyland.

The Assassination of Jesse James

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

The Jane Austen Book Club

Across the Universe

Any of those exciting to you?

I finally found a song I liked yesterday on the radio. Garth Brooks, who knew? Ignore the video, though.

The boy is indeed going to the Journalism conference at Columbia. GULP. He’s never been from home more than a night, and that’s usually just been down the street. I’m excited for him and jealous of him and just plain freaking out.

I finished Hot Shot and sent it back to my editor. I’m working on another book for her – boy is it a mess. Sigh. I don’t think it’s been revised at all. Most of my notes to myself are EMOTION and REACTION. Sheesh. Again, this story was written in 2004.

I didn’t get to work on my Wayback story at all.

Okay, I got an email on the Samhain loop about a cool promo opportunity, but I need to email the lady from Coffee Time with my blurb and a prize.

WHAT PRIZE? I don't know what to offer readers.....what do you think? A gift cert to Samhain? Help!

And I found out this morning An Accidental Husband isn't coming out till AUGUST! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!



Gina Black said...

My DS said I would really like "Across the Universe." So, I guess it's time to head out to Blockbuster.. :)

That same boy (just eighteen) is leaving for a four month (four month!!) trip to Europe at the end of February. I'm going to fret, fret, fret and he's going to have some grand adventures. :sigh:

Jennifer Shirk said...

A Samhain gft certificate is nice or Amazon or even a book. (I'm a simple woman, so any kind of free prize is all good) LOL!

Trish Milburn said...

I want to see The Assassination of Jesse James and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I loved the first Elizabeth film. Cate Blanchett is fantastic. I keep seeing all the commercials for the DVD of Across the Universe, and I honestly don't remember when this movie came out in theaters. I have no recollection of that at all.

Anonymous said...

I liked Jane Austen Book Club. Jimmy Smits is in there so is Amy Brenneman (from Judging Amy and I believe she was in the first episodes of NYPD Blue). However, as much as I liked the movie, I've never met a Latino woman who decides to make "flan" because she's depressed. To me that's just too much work. I'd go for a pint of Blue Bell ice cream! LOL


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Across the Universe looks slightly too trippy for me, but otherwise good. Jesse James and the book club one are on my list.

My 12-year-old may be going to Holland this year. She went away with her class for three days in fifth grade, and on vacation with her grandmother for a week (twice--as did the little sister, but not sure that counts, since it was with grandma). And here's how terrible I am--I just get excited about being without kids! LOL

MJFredrick said...

So have you seen it, Gina? What did you think?

FOUR MONTHS??? I'm barely going to handle 4 days. But yes, the experience is why I'm sending him.

Jennifer, I did a Samhain gift cert, enough for 3 books, should they want. This is all so new....

Natalie, part of me is excited about having the house to myself, but he's really not trouble. Of course, I'll have the computer alllll to myself. Holland??? Cool, but YIKES!


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