Happy Valentine's Day and Top Romantic Movies


So tired.....and I found out yesterday one of the SARA's husband's died this weekend. I want to go pay my respects after school.

I didn't do ANYTHING for my kids for V-Day. I feel bad, but I don't go anywhere but HEB and their selection is meh. I like to get pencils and cups and stuff, but.... Any Valentine plans out there? All I want is for the dh to bring home dinner and for me to stay on the couch.

Top Romantic Movies (in no particular order)

This list was harder than I thought! There are a lot I left out for various reasons that were on other lists. And I swear I tried to think of some older movies but couldn’t! Of course, it was post-rodeo, so…

1) Keeping the Faith
2) Two Weeks Notice
3) So Proudly We Hail
4) Pride and Prejudice (any version)
5) PS I Love You
6) Shrek 2
7) Ladyhawke
8) While You Were Sleeping
9) Fools Rush In
10) Strictly Ballroom
11) Singles
12) Bridget Jones’s Diary
13) Mr. Wonderful
14) Where the Heart Is
15) Bull Durham
16) Ten Things I Hate About You
17) Battle Cry

What would you add to the list? Has anyone seen Fool’s Gold? I’m wanting to see it because the premise is so similar to Beneath the Surface!

Rodeo report/Hillary Clinton report tomorrow.



Marianne Arkins said...

*While You Were Sleeping

*Ever After

*Return To Me

---Those are probably my favorite romantic movies ever...

KATZ said...

You got While You Were Sleeping -- that used to be my all-time favorite movie. Other movies, Sense and Sensibility, American President, Hope Floats, Bridges of Madison County, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
I have been extremely unimpressed with anything calling itself romantic comedy in recent years… you know there are TONS of fabulous books and authors out there -- how does some of that junk get made into movies?
Speaking of which -- my sister hated Fool’s Gold. She agreed that seeing Matthew shirtless for most of the film was probably worth the $9, but otherwise it sounds like it was cheesy, stupid plot, poorly done, etc. Very disappointing. I’m sure I’ll still see it -- maybe matinee…

KATZ said...

Oh, and I agree with Marianne on Ever After!! Can't believe I forgot it!

Anonymous said...

Good list. Room w/a View, 4 Weddings, A Walk in the Clouds, French Kiss, Chocolat. Also Crouching Tiger and Hero. I know there are others I'm forgetting.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Speed! Totally romantic. :)

I saw Fool's Gold. My oldest is now allowed to see PG-13 movies, so it's easier to justify spending the money to see something mediocre. I liked it better than I expected, more for the humor with the secondary characters than anything else. There was no spark between the two leads, and no real change to justify them getting back together at the end.

But yes, despite overexposure in recent years (pun intended), Matthew was still very nice to look at. :)

Going to see Definitely, Maybe this weekend. Looks a lot better!

Jill Monroe said...

Okay, so Mary - most of these I haven't seen - what's wrong with me???

I'm going to add (and it's really bad of me)

The Boyfriend School (sometimes called Don't Tell Her It's Me)


Valley Girl - love it : )

MJFredrick said...

I like Ever After and Return to Me, but I've only seen them once, so I guess they didn't stick. Same with Sense and Sensibility and French Kiss. I do like American President, but Hope Floats didn't end HEA enough for me. I love the music, though. I really didn't like Bridges or Breakfast at Tiffany's (I know, I should be run out of the country.)

I agree there aren't many good rom-coms. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was GREAT - till the ball scene.

I was going to add A Walk in the Clouds, especially that KISS, but he was married....and Chocolat didn't have enough romance (that is to say, scenes with Johnny Depp.) I own both of those, BTW. I never saw Room with a View, and I liked 4 Weddings when it came out, but again, more about the friendships than the romance.

I know I've seen Valley Girl, but I don't remember it. And I really did like The Boyfriend School, the movie more than the book.

Tracy Montoya said...

I actually LOVE Someone Like You, but no one else I know can see why. I mean, HUGH JACKMAN, come on! I can ignore Ashley Judd's bad acting for Hugh.

As for P&P, there is only one version, and it is the BBC one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Silly Mary. ; D

The new Masterpiece Northanger Abbey is lovely, and I adore Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility.

MJFredrick said...

I usually like Ashley Judd, but that movie did nothing for me. I didn't think I'd like Keira's P&P, but I did. And you're right about Northanger Abbey!


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