Signs of Spring in Texas

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Hey, did you know the new Stephanie Meyer is called Breaking Dawn? And my book is Breaking Daylight? Weird, huh?

I've got 30 pages for BIAW already.

Here are some Signs of Spring in Texas.

I sat on my patio to write three times this weekend.
I had the windows and back door opened the whole time I was home this weekend.
I forgot my coat at work last week – twice.
The mesquite trees have budded – no more freezes.
Down the street, I see fruit trees blooming.
I boughta hydrangea, a Gerber daisy and two geraniums at Home Depot.
I’ve started painting my toenails again for sandals.
My flannel pjs and fuzzy socks are replaced by Capri length yoga pants and t-shirts.
Pretty soon the mountain laurels and redbuds will be blooming, followed by bluebonnets (though all the bluebonnet fields by my house are covered with construction.)

I know I taunt some of you with this....I'm very very sorry ;)



Marianne Arkins said...

It's snowed her for four days in a row.

You are SO MEAN.

Trish Milburn said...

Isn't she, Marianne? We don't have the snow, but it's not sandal or sitting outside weather either. My heat is currently running.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wah. It's FREEZING here. The coldest day this winter, by far.

KATZ said...

Great list, Mary! We had the most fabulous, lazy weekend, sitting outside on my mom's front deck like lizards in the sun! :)

My girls even played in the yard in swimsuits and a water hose! A touch to chilly for me to get wet, but they loved it!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

You know, it doesn't bother me. Because sure, we had a wind chill yesterday of -6, and today we have a foot of snow topped by ice.

But in a few weeks, we'll have perfect, sunny, lovely days, and Mary will be hot, sweaty, frazzled, and cursing the 80-degree heat that we won't have to face for another couple of months!


MJFredrick said...

Sorry, sorry! Karma got me's been ugly the past few days.

Sarah, the HOSE? Brrrr!!!

Natalie, I scoff at your 80 degrees ;) I don't "glow" until 90 at least!


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