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Yesterday I listened to one of the local country stations for an hour on the way to and from critique. Honestly, I'd heard all but one of the songs before (and it's been awhile since I've listened to country) and the only one they touted as new was an exact replica of a Charlie Rich song.

Nonetheless, I started my Wayback story last night, on the AlphaSmart. I am seriously considering getting a refurbished Dell or something. I hate the keys on that thing.

My goals this week are simple.

1) Finish Hot Shot edits (I'm just going through the pronouns now)
2) work on Vanished revisions - 50 pages
3) work on Wayback story
4) maybe go to rodeo with cps for research ;)
5) keep up with grades (progress reports go out next week)
6) get ready for chapter BIAW, which I'm hosting
7) keep up house




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