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moar humorous pics

Add Hot Shot line edits to that long long far they don't look too bad, though.

I'm up to page 70 in my Wayback book, need about 50-60 more. After I met my BIAW goal, though, I started working on Vanished. Which book do I give priority to?

I have so many decisions in my head right now.

Do I go to my chapter plotting retreat, the weekend before the boy leaves?

If I do, what book do I plot?

When would I have time to write it anyway?

Do I enter the Merritt?

With which book?

And since it's a "magic moment" scene, which scene?

What kind/how much promo to do? And when?

Should I leave Surface as it is and submit to Samhain, or change it to paranormal and rewrite?

Do I let the boy skip school to go see Obama? Do I have to take him to see Huckabee (for newspaper?)

I got a really good offer to join Curves for a month. Is that something I want to add to my plate right now?

Do I have time to go to HEB this morning?

No wonder I make the same thing for breakfast and lunch, and only have about 5 different things I make for dinner.

How do you make decisions?



Kelly Boyce said...

I'm actually a pretty good decision maker. I spend very little time waffling on something. I usually do a pro/con list in my head, figure out the possible outcomes and then jump one way or the other. And I usually keep a few back up plans in my back pocket in case things go horribly wrong.

Karen said...

I usually drive the husband crazy for a bit, then just when he decides to jump in and help me make a decision I decide to do the opposite of what he suggested. It drives both of us crazy, but it's so hard to change. I don't recommend this way to anyone, really.

MJFredrick said...

I do the pro and con list, too, but for some reason right now I just don't have room in my head or time or something. I don't know. I drove the wrong way to pick up the boy from school yesterday and got caught in terrible traffic. I go that way at least twice a week....

Karen, LOL! That sounds more like my way!


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