Look Who's Got a New Book Today and "Ojo"

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Marianne's One Love for Liv is out from Samhain today! Go buy now! Marianne will be guest blogging here later this week.

More movies today - Becoming Jane, No Reservations, Gone Baby Gone. Will stop by BB after tutoring.

The boy's kindergarten teacher died this weekend. Her Rosary is tonight. She was 91....she was a retired teacher when the boy had her. She stepped in to take over the class when his teacher had a late-term miscarriage. She sure loved the kid, too.

Yesterday I stopped at HEB on the way to school because I heard JDM was in Ladies Home Journal (I am a sad, sad woman.) So I'm flipping through the magazine and this lady complimented my outfit (brown and teal gypsy skirt from WalMart, teal blouse from Chadwicks).

Now, I've lived in San Antonio my whole life and I've worked in South San for 18 years. My first instinct was to ask her to touch my skirt. Then I realized, she's a white lady on the north side. She might not understand that asking her to do this is a superstition to prevent anything happening to the skirt.

Six hours later, I was getting up to gather my kids from PE and my skirt was caught in the wheel of my rolling chair. Now it has a hole the size of a - well, the size of the wheel on a rolling chair.

I should have made her touch my skirt. It's not expensive, but it's 3 years old - not replaceable. And I had the perfect blouse and necklace for it.

And I'm up super early because the ceiling fan is making all kinds of noises. Grump, grump, grump.

Did get the JDM pic, though.



Marianne Arkins said...

I've never heard of that superstition... huh. Sorry about your skirt :-(

Thanks for the mention -- Samhain hasn't updated their page yet and I'm going NUTS!!

KATZ said...

Ooh, great article and pic. Worth it, yes? ;)

I remember that superstition from when my girls were babies. A woman in my office had an hispanic husband, and when she told me that my girls were beautiful, she explained that she had to touch them, too. :) And then I had a few other people do the same.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Mary! Sorry about your skirt. You should have asked that lady to touch it. LOL

Maybe she had a terrible headache the moment you tore your skirt. Though I don't have any proof, when I was a little girl, my mom and aunt talked about the 'ojo' (evil eye) and if a child got sick with the 'ojo', it also meant that whoever had given him/ her the 'ojo' was suffering a terrible headache in the meantime. :)


P.S. Hope you like 'Becoming Jane'. I loved it.

P.P.S. I like your 'Hot Shot' cover, though I understand about having trouble revising after you saw an 'image' of your hero. Writers tend to write with an 'image' of their hero in their mind, then if someone puts a 'face' to him, then it's not the same. That's why I prefer scenes on covers instead of people.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

See, the thing is, the superstition itself is the power. If you didn't believe something would happen to the skirt if she didn't touch it--then it wouldn't! :D

MJFredrick said...

I guess the superstition is a Hispanic thing. I've been in SA so long the lines blur ;)

Sarah, absolutely worth the trip! Then another teacher came into my room and said, "Denny's going to be a FIREMAN!" She knows both my weaknesses ;)

Lupe, I thought about a scene cover, but I still wanted to see how other people see Gabe, I guess. I really wanted him on the cover. I'm going to go watch Becoming Jane right now because it's overdue!

Natalie, that's what they used to tell me about my black cat superstition. One would cross my path and within a few days, the car would have trouble. But honestly, I'd forgotten all about the compliment by then!


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