17 years ago today....

I was getting ready for class when my grandmother called me. My mom had been having pains in her stomach all morning and finally went to the hospital to have my brother, 3 weeks early.

I was in the student teaching program at the time, and attendance was mandatory even though we weren't in the classroom for another week or so. And I had a big project to turn in, due that day. I promised my grandmother I'd come get her as soon as I turned it in. I hung up and promptly lost my mind. I was so nervous - no telling how long I wasted running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I don't remember if my neighbor Erin heard me running up and down the stairs or what, but she came and brought me a handful of quarters so I could call people from the hospital. Then I went up to the school, which was thankfully not very far. My professor wasn't in, and no one believed me that I had to miss class because my mother was having a baby.

FINALLY I raced across town (rush hour had died down) and got my grandmother, then we raced to the hospital. It took us FOREVER to find the maternity ward, and when we did, Mom was still in the labor room. Her first words were, "Did you see him?" Now, I'm looking at my mother, whose stomach was just as big as it had been the last time I saw it, so I was confused. She'd had a c-section so she'd already delivered. I didn't know it was that fast. So my grandmother and I hurried to the nursery, where Michael was laying right in front of the window, naked to the world and NOT happy.

Glad to say things have changed. Last week we took him to the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate.

The birthday boy
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My other brother, mom and stepdad
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My boy
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Unknown said...

Great pictures and story! Looks like a great family get together.

MJFredrick said...

It was fun! If you've never been to a Rainforest Cafe....we've been to three now. The San Antonio one is the best, IMO. They're just so fun. My 14 year old enjoyed himself, even!


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