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I don't know where I first heard about Carved in Stone, but the idea of a gargoyle book took hold in my mind and I HAD TO HAVE IT. As soon as it came, I dug in. Vickie Taylor built a wonderful world, explaining how gargoyles came to be, building in a terrific conflict (beyond the whole, "you're a girl, I'm a gargoyle, this can never work.")

Now, I'm not a big paranormal fan. Shapeshifters kind of creep me out. (Other than Damien. *sigh*) But I do like gargoyles. Anyone remember that awful movie from the 70s about the archaeologist dad and daughter who find gargoyle skeletons in the southwest? LOVVVVED that movie. Anyway, I kinda would've liked the gargoyles to be the villains and not the heroes, BUT these gargoyles were really cool. They had a close knit community, though divided at the opening of the book. The Big Bad is set up for subsequent books, which I will be buying.

I will say, I liked the gargoyle aspect more than the romance aspect. It was sexy, yes (a little too sexy for me) and Nathan was a great hero, and the conflict between them was certainly strong. I think it was the heroine who kind of left me cold. Or maybe it was the strong sexuality.

Still, I really liked the story. In fact, I was using it as an example with my class of how to do a book report, and they asked me to let them read it when I was done! All I had to say to discourage them was that it was 318 pages.

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Toni Anderson said...

ugh. Sometimes my computer gets stuck on a post in your blog--and so I think "Where'e Mary?" Anyway I was stuck on the 12th Jan! Now I'm reminded it is the 15th and I must send out the Kiss of Death COFFIN annoucements!!

Gargoyles? Hmm... interesting premise. Must take a peek.

I love that notebook BTW!!

Anonymous said...

Love that pic of Gerry, Mar...and I'm glad you don't include Damien in your aversion to shapeshifters! He's so yummy. I started work on the book again (at last!) on Thursday, after spending two days catching up and getting back into the flow (remind me to not take such a long time off from a wip in the was tough at first!). I am in love with Damien all over again. Whatta guy. I'm glad you're finding some great reading! I'm reading A Harvest of Bones by Yasmine Galenorn and A Vision of Murder by Victoria Laurie right now. Up next, My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair and The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up by Joanna Carl.


MJFredrick said...

JoAnn, October 27th. That was my last taste of Damien.
I love this pic of Gerry, too.

Toni, I didn't know you were the one who does the KOD announcements! Cool!

Off to buy a new washer.....mine has had a hole in the tub (who knew?) and the water is leaking out and rusted the innards. Sigh. Bad thing - no truck, and so we have to do delivery, which means no washer till next Saturday. Good thing I bought extra underwear yesterday!

Shesawriter said...


You've just sold me on the book. I'm getting it! It's sounds really different and interesting.



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