Turning Points

Candice was talking about turning points in her writing career, which of course got me thinking.

Okay, before I start, don't freak out at the time line. I lived it, and I'm not freaking out.

1989 - started writing on one of those computers where you could type in the page, then hit print. The pages were never center, and if you made a mistake you'd have to print all over again.

1994 - finished my first book on an old XT computer with a dot matrix printer.

1995 - Second book was requested by MIRA. It was only 600 pages.

1996 - took a community ed class on writing romance with Miriam Minger, who took us to a SARA meeting.

1997 - was rejected by MIRA

1998 - finalled in my first contest, "He Said, She Said."

2001 - went to my first National conference, embarrassed myself in front of Joan Marlow Golan when I knocked over the chair when I stood up from our appointment.

2002 - won my first contest, Where the Magic Begins, had my first full ms requested

2003 - finalled in the GH, got my first revision letter. Pretty much got everything I queried requested. Finalled in 6 contests with 4 books.

2004 - finalled in the GH, had high interest from an editor, who would call and talk for an hour about the book

2005 - got rejected, finalled in 9 contests with 4 books, GOT AN AGENT (I can't believe I left that out! I was thinking it was the most important!)

What will 2006 bring? At least I've grown.

(Psst, JoAnn, what year did we go to the Merritt when I cried because the editor said no at the pitch?)

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Okay, I'm not freaking out, mostly because your agent is sending out one of your books right now.
When you sell it's going to be one heck of a party.

Stacy Dawn said...

You're brave...I don't even want to think about my timeline.

I totally agree with Mary Beth about your selling party...big, Big, BIG Party!!!

Colleen Gleason said...

I don't even want to think about my timeline either. When I sent in my First Sale announcement to RWR, the gal in charge wrote back and asked if I wanted to mention how long I'd been writing and how many books I'd written. I said, "No thanks."

I'm crossing my fingers so hard they're blue for you, Mary. I'm praying 2006 is the year for you!

Although...I must ask yet again: Where's Gerry?

Rachel Vincent said...

When did you sign with your agent? I consider that to be my own biggest turning point so far.

MJFredrick said...

Colleen, ya know, I wasn't going to let anyone know how long it's been, but then, I don't want anyone to think it's easy, either. It did take me a long time to FINISH a book, and I had my son in 1991, which slowed me down.

I cannot believe I left out signing with Emily - I was building up to it! That's what I get for writing this straight out of bed!

Gerry is apparently hiding from the media. I cannot find any new pictures of him. Sawyer, on the other hand....

April said...

Can't wait to pop open the champagne at your party!!

Toni Anderson said...

Maybe this will be the year Mary!!! Fingers crossed!!

MJFredrick said...

Awww, y'all are so nice to me!

Dana Pollard said...

Gerry is hiding out until your party! This is going to be a big year, ladies!

Anonymous said...

I am convinced this is your year! You are going to sell and be an amazing star! :) We'll say we knew you when.

Anonymous said...

Mar, I think it was 2001...but it feels like a lifetime ago. You have come so very far since then.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Michelle! Back atcha!

JoAnn, I think you're right, 2001, or maybe 2000. I know I pitched the zoo story, so I hadn't written Hot Shot, I don't think.


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