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I just finished reading Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak. (It was pretty darn good, very romancey.) Harley Jane is an actress. You may remember her as the wife in Arachnophobia. I remember her as Mary from Santa Barbara. She was a former nun and she fell for bad, bad boy Mason.
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They were the best. Couple. Ever. He loved her so much! Then she was crushed by the letter C when the sign from the hotel blew over. Still. Best. Couple. Ever. Then he fell in love with Julia and that was pretty awesome, too, but Mary had softened him up.
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Now, I grew up watching soaps in the time of the Super Couple. Luke and Laura. Bo and Hope. Patch and Kayla. I was invested. I think long term conflict helped the viewer become invested.

So, some couples who fought long and hard and deserved a HEA:

Pacey and Joey from Dawson's Creek. Yes, I know she's now a freak, but man, Pacey loved her.

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Mulder and Scully.

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Sydney and Vaughn, the early years.

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Angel and Buffy. Say all you want about Spike, but I'm an Angel girl.

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Kate and Sawyer (hey, maybe I should have a separate list for best triangles.)

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Darcy and Elizabeth. MY Darcy.

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D'Lynn and the captain from Battlestar Galactica - always reminded me of Claire and Jamie, the way they were equals.

Ross and Rachel. Yes, he's whiny, but so is she.

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Niles and Daphne from Frasier. I stopped watching after she went to the Fat Farm, though.

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Leo and Greenleigh from All My Children. They were both bad, but together they were so good!

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Wolverine and Rogue - is that gross?

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Aragorn and Arwen.

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Belle and the Beast.

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Jo and Laurie from Little Women.

Jack and Lucy from While You Were Sleeping.

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Jack and Annie from Speed.

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Lucy and George from Two Weeks Notice. (to complete my Sandra Bullock obsession) There's that whole scene where she has to GO and they're stuck in traffic, and that is so something that would happen to me!

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Evie and O'Connell from The Mummy.

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Han Solo and Leia.

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Indiana Jones and Marian.

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Forney and Novalee in Where the Heart Is. How stunned was I to find out he was British??

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Will and Kate (the blacksmith girl) from A Knight's Tale.

Shrek and Fiona

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Alex and Isabel from Fools Rush In. Man, that boy messed things up good, didn't he?

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Cher and Josh from Clueless. I love that movie, and he's so patient with her!

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Maria and Captain von Trapp from The Sound of Music - the first time they danced - SIGH!!!

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Bruce Wayne and Vickie Vale from the first Batman movie. I know, she screamed, she got in trouble a lot, but there was chemistry!

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Jason and Marie in The Bourne Identity.

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Jared and Sam from Into the Blue, which we saw last night and it wasn't terrible. They were very much equals.

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Who are yours?


Stacy Dawn said...

I've always liked her and agree, they were an amazing chemistry couple! I loved her in 'All I Want For Christmas' too. It's one of the movies I look forward to every season.

As for the other couples, wow, you hit some great ones. Mr. Darcy (the one and only) and Elizabeth, Lucy and Jack (I watch that at least every few months), and a number of the others! Great List!

Anonymous said...

The first crush I ever had was on Captain Von Trapp, when I was seven years old and the Sound of Music came out. He was without a doubt the sexiest man alive to me at the time! I like all your choices, Mar...and yes, there is only ONE Mr. Darcy.


Trish Milburn said...

OMG! You're the only other person I know who thinks Rogue and Wolverine should be together. I knew it -- we were separated at birth. :) I love the way they are together. She brought out his soft, protective side.

And yes to Mudler and Scully. I was an addict to The X-Files. And loved Jack and Annie in Speed. IMO, that's the best Keanu has ever looked. Oh dreamy sigh on Harrison Ford. Please don't remind me he's as old as my dad. Ugh. Loved Novalee and Forney -- what a great movie and book.

Other couples I like -- Nathaniel and Cora and Uncas and Alice from Last of the Mohicans, Mei and Jin from House of Flying Daggers, Benny and Joon from the movie of the same name, Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Dana Pollard said...

When I was a kid, I loved David and Maddie??? From Moonlighting. He was always so funny and she so serious.

Brenda and Sonny from General Hospital! wow.

Anonymous said...

Geez Mary I think you've covered them ;) I found myself agreeing over and over while reading this post.

Add me to the 'Rogue and Wolverine' should be together camp!

I'll add another classic to the list: Rhett and Scarlett.

And I love Sonny and Emily together on General Hospital but why do I get the feeling they are going to destroy that one before it really gets started? :(

Peggy said...

I loved all those you listed (except the soaps which I never watched).

Sam and Diane from Cheers. Talk about opposites.

Laura and Almonzo. The wait for that first kiss was torture--than we lost power and I missed it.

Anne Shirely and Gilbert Blyth. His secret crush was to die for.

Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. How could you not love a man who likes you just the way you are??

MJFredrick said...

Who are Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blyth??

Stacy, I missed Mason and Mary - she made him likeable, much like Darcy and Elizabeth.

JoAnn, funny about your first crush on Captain Von Trapp. My mom had a crush on him, too, but she was much older than 7!

I'm so glad I'm not alone in the Rogue/Wolverine camp! I thought it might be weird, but they bring out the good and vulnerable in each other.

And yes, Speed is the best Keanu ever looked.

Trish, I knew you'd bring up Cora and Hawkeye ;)

I never watched Moonlighting. Maybe I should rent it.

I know who Sonny is on General Hospital, but not Emily. Last time I watched he was with Carly.

Dana Pollard said...

Mary, give General Hospital time... Sonny will be back with Carly, but after Brenda comes back from the dead... hehe

MicheleKS said...

Yeah, Dave and Maddie on Moonlighting was great when the show was great.

My favorite soap couples were Patch and Kayla from Days of our Lives, Ian and Paulina on Another World, and Brenda and Sonny on General Hospital.

My new favorite couple is Brad and Angelina. Yeah, I know, I know but in Mr. and Mrs. Smith they were hot!

Trish Milburn said...

Peggy, I almost said Laura and Almanzo too. I've been watching episodes of Little House on the Prairie on TV Land, and this past week were the two great episodes Sweet Sixteen (the first kiss) and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not where Almanzo goes to Sleepy Eye to work and gets pneumonia, and where Nellie and Percival meet and end up getting married. Nellie was so awful all the time, but during that episode when she was crying when she thought Percival was going to leave, I felt for her.

Mary, Anne and Gilbert are from Anne of Green Gables.

Anonymous said...

Emily is a Quartermaine. She's Jason's sister and Jason is Sonny's hitman.

Anonymous said...

The couple I can't forget right now are John and June from Walk the Line, who are based on the real people, Johnny and June Carter Cash. I've seen this film four times. The pain, the suffering, the wanting and needing...and the final coming together, leading to their 35 years together until their deaths only four months apart.

Meanwhile, a rant...I picked up a romance I'd been really looking forward to reading over the weekend, and I was so disappointed. Nothing but pages and pages of "wow, he's hot, I'd like some of that", "wow, she's hot, I'd like some of that." Sick of that, sick to death of that. I want something real, not a big bunch of aspartame. Maybe my kind of romance is just dead. But I'm going to search for it until I find it. I believe enough in the genre to know that it is out there somewhere.


MJFredrick said...

Patch and Kayla - the ultimate Bad Boy/Good Girl!

I watch GH intermittently - Sonny has THREE women? I wonder why soaps do that, center around one guy like that. He's been in soaps since I was a girl, too!

Michele, Mr. and Mrs. Smith WAS hot! I bought it but still haven't had time to watch it. Actually, I watched Pride and Prejudice last night, the BBC version.

Mom and I were talking about Walk the Line. She wants to see it now, too.

Janice Lynn said...

OH! I forgot about Mason & Julia! They were probably my favorite soap couple back in the days when I watched soaps. :)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith did it for me, too. I love Brad & Angelina together. Definite chemistry.

Growing up I always wanted Remington Steele & ??? (can't remember her name!) to get together. :)

& since I'm a Matthew girl, I'll say Ben Barry & Andie Anderson from How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days! Matthew forever!!!! ;)

MJFredrick said...

Yep, Julia did kinda help me get over Mary's weird death.

Mom watched Remington Steele - I don't remember it too much.

And I liked How to Lose a Guy - until the end.

Anonymous said...

Allie and Noah- The Notebook

I sooo... agree with Will and Kate (the blacksmith girl) from A Knight's Tale. That princess girl was such a bitch.

Of course Darcy and Elizabeth!

And Rose and Jack!

Anonymous said...

OH! and... even though Daniel Cleaver was VERY sexy... Mark and Bridget from Bridget Jones's Diary!

MJFredrick said...

I just saw The Notebook not too long ago, Evie, and you're right! I was never much for Titanic, though we watched it in the hospital again when my MIL was sick. Again, true chemistry.

I can't believe I left out Bridget Jones. I love that movie!

Knight's Tale would have been so much better if he'd ended up with the blacksmith!


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