National - to go or not?

Well, I'm going, but I thought you guys might need a little hand-holding in your decision. Registration will open any day now.

Great workshops - including one by Trish and me, fellow Noodler Janice Lynn and fellow SARAs Robyn DeHart and Emily McKaskle.

Fellowship - I have several online friends that I only ever get to see at National. Sad, huh? And even then there's not enough time.

Editors and agents - a proliferation. You can go listen to them talk, see what they're looking for, you can meet with them face to face and pitch to them.

The swag - free books. Tons and tons of free books, pens, little notebooks - fun, fun, fun!

The ribbons - gosh, I hope I have a pink one this year.

Atlanta - I've never been, and it sounds really romantic. My brother wants to go, too. Hm, maybe.

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MicheleKS said...

Mary, if you can swing it GO!
The only reason I'm going this year is I have a bonus coming from work and tax money. People keep telling me to save and invest it but you know what, I'm not. Life's too short and I've wanted to go to Nationals for so long.

Dana Pollard said...

I want to go to nationals too, but money is the issue here. I did enter a contest to win the trip. We'll see.

Next year though (it's in Dallas, right?) I'm so there.

Anonymous said...

I would totally go to Nationals if it was feasible. Alas it will have to be a conference sometime in the future . . . .

It always sounds like such a great time though :)

MJFredrick said...

I saved my bonus from before Christmas, so as soon as registration is open, I'm signing up.

Even in Dallas, with driving, it was $1000. It is expensive if you don't have a roommate, and my roommate is related to me ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you can go, go! I'd love to go to the Nationals, too, but it doesn't look like it'll happen. And I so hope you'll get to wear a pink ribbon! You deserve it!

Trish Milburn said...

I LOVE National. Like you, I see most of my really good friends only then. You're going nonstop, but I love it. And I'm glad our workshop was picked.

Anonymous said...

If I sell my book this year, I'm definitely going. Right now I'm on the fence, due to some family finance decisions.

Toni Anderson said...

I'd go if I could afford it or justify it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Nationals so much. It's amazing. Everywhere I look I see people who totally understand me. I meet people from the boards. I get to pitch my books live, in person. And it keeps me going.
But unless I final in the GH (it could happen) or I sell a book (it could happen too), I'm not going. I went to four and loved every one of them, but when I go to National, my family misses out on summer vacation.
So I decided after Dallas that unless it's in Texas or until I sell, no Nationals for me.
I've submitted a lot more since then!
YAY on your class. Have a blast!

MJFredrick said...

I wish I could win the lottery and we could all go! Mary Beth, we're in the same situation - vacation or National. When it was in Dallas, we were able to swing both, but only because Dad paid for the trip to FL. And I reeeeeaaaaally want to go back to the Grand Canyon.

Yep, need to work on that lottery.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I'm going this year. I love to hang out with my friends and catch up.


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