Happy Anniversary...to me!

Ugh, what a way to start the New Year! Despite TWO Tylenol PMs, I couldn't sleep, then at 2:30 the carbon monoxide alarm went off. So the heater's off, I slept past the alarm and I'm tired already!

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Today is my 19th anniversary. Yes, I was a child bride (if I had a scanner, I’d show you.)

So, 19 things about my dh….

1) He’s a terrific father.
2) He didn’t ask me to marry him until I’d bugged him about it, and then he proposed in front of a Stop N Go, saying, “You want to get married or what?”
3) He did buy me an engagement ring after my mom threw a fit, saying that was the only way to prove the commitment. He gave it to me in a beautiful grotto at the art museum we used to visit all the time.
4) He was early to our wedding…the first thing he was EVER early to. And he wore a white tux with tails.
5) He’s an only child of a single mom.
6) He worked in the restaurant business for at least a dozen years before deciding it was time to get out. He went to the community college when our son was a baby long enough to get the training he needed to pester the local CBS affiliate about getting a job. He was hired as cameraman and worked his way up to Emmy winning editor.
7) He’s incredibly patient.
8) He’s not particularly sociable – most of “our” friends are “my” friends.
9) He had a great hand in molding my musical taste.
10) He’s incredibly supportive.
11) He’s been in bands since he was 14, used to play in Austin at the height of the punk scene there. We rented the last house because it had a room for the band to practice. One night we got a noise citation, which was funny because our 9 month old son was sleeping just on the other side of the wall where the band was playing.
12) He’s very creative, and I think it bothers him not to be in a band now, while I’m writing and the boy is in a band.
13) He loves coffee.
14) He loves Sci Fi, shows and books.
15) He loves his iPod. His screen name is Pi (as in the mathematical number), so he calls his iPod his PiPod.
16) He quit smoking when the boy asked him to.
17) He doesn’t drink. No reason, just his choice.
18) It was his idea to go to the Grand Canyon for our first vacation on our own. I couldn’t believe he wanted to take ME outside, but we all loved it.
19) He’s a Mac man through and through.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. He sounds like a wonderful man. (Mac's rule!)
Hugs on the bad night.

Peggy said...

Ah, what a great sounding guy! Congratulations, Mary! May the next nineteen years be just as wonderful!

Shesawriter said...

He sounds like a keeper, Mary. Congrats! ;-)


Colleen Gleason said...

Wow, Mary! What a cute hunk of a talented guy you have there! Give him a big hug for me--and whatever else you want ;-)--and best wishes for nineteen more years of happiness.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Mar! May you both be blessed always.


Trish Milburn said...

Happy Anniversary, Fechters! :)

I SO know what you mean about "our" friends basically being "my" friends.

And LOL on the PiPod. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Mary & dh :)

April said...

Happy Anniversary, Mary! May there be many many more and may you get a restful night sleep before them! ;-)

MJFredrick said...

Thank you so much, you guys. Fred is definitely the best. (Remind me of this the next tim I whine about him not taking out the trash/fixing the floor/changing the lightbulb)

Dana Pollard said...

Happy Anniversary!

Marianne Arkins said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm glad my hubby isn't the only one who proposed like that. Mine dragged me into a jewelry shop, chose a ring and shoved it at me, saying "here!". No asking, no prep, just ... "here".

Hopefully we'll have as great a success as you.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary Mary! He sounds like a keeper to me.

MJFredrick said...

Marianne, no wonder we have to write romances, right??

Thanks for the congratulations. Dinner was just lovely, if late...yawn!

Tracy Montoya said...

Happy Anniversary, Mary! (OK, I'm a little late. I suck.) Your dh is adorable, and he sounds lovely. (Nice photo, too!)

Tracy Montoya said...

Happy Anniversary, Mary! (OK, I'm a little late. I suck.) Your dh is adorable, and he sounds lovely. (Nice photo, too!)

Stephanie said...

Sorry it took me so long to chime in here... Happy Happy Anniversary!

You've got yourself a wonderful man, and he's so lucky to have you. What a blessing to have a family like yours...

All the best, Mary.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Tracy and Bosey! Yes, I do need to count my blessings more often. I'm very very lucky.


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