Dreams and Goals

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I had a lovely George Clooney inspired dream last night. Weird, since I haven't thought of him in awhile....though, come to think of it, I also dreamed about stalking Susan Litman at conference, and talking to her about Hot Shot, where GC was the inspiration for Gabe....You know, I've been working on that book since 2000 and I NEVER till this minute realized George Clooney and Gabe Cooper have the same initials!!!

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The Boy's birthday dinner was very nice, and WAY cheaper than I expected. And even though we got a little cake, half of it was left, so we sent it home with his grandmother. The Wilco shirt was a surprise, and my parents, who bought him an iPod, gave him an iTunes card (which he already spent!). The banana Twinkies were also a hit.

HOWEVER, neither my ds or dh are packed, and are they up remedying that??? Nooooooo.

My brother is out of the hospital and home resting. I hope he and my SIL get some sleep - they need it after this week!

Lately I’ve been thinking about dreams and goals.
I was talking to my dad during his visit and he talked about different dreams he’d had throughout his life, including being a vet and a park ranger. Throughout the years it changed to owning his own business (which he does) and finding success in that business. Personally, he has a dream of a house on a lake, a beautful home he’s building up north.
I wonder, though, how much of that last dream is his and how much is that his sisters have their own businesses and big homes.
My dreams have always been the same, to be a writer. They’ve always been my dreams, and encouraged by my family.
My dh’s dreams have always been to be a musician.
My friend Cindi doesn’t have any big dreams or goals at all.
Even though I dream of being a successful writer, I am content with where I am now.

So - when you have a dream, are you certain it's yours?

Have you had the same dream for as long as you can remember, or is it new?

Can you have a dream but still be content with your life?

I plan to write on the drive....we'll see what happens! Back Sunday with Trish and pics!


dawn said...

(recycling bin put away!)

one goal since a young girl was to be a working artist --- to really make a living at it. God has had my back and i am doing it.

another since i was first pregnant is to be a really good mother. for my children to be grown and think " i want to parent like mom did (and does)." --- we shall see if that goal is met. :)

everything else is icing on the cake.

i think one can have dreams and goals that cross paths. they don't have to be entirely separate or impossible to attain, if they are realistic.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Can you have a dream but still be content with your life?

I think the happiest people are those who are content with where they are and what they have, but still also have goals for further or additional or future fulfillment.

Take me. I'm "living my dream" right now as a full-time author. I'm not succeeding at that yet, and I dream of doing so, and building a long-term career with ever-higher goals. But until I get there, I'm happy where I am--not content to settle, though.

Does that make any sense?

Dixie Belle said...

Dreams and goals are great as long as you don't let them rule your life to the point of unhappiness. There are goals that you won't reach and dreams that won't come true. So what? You can always create new ones. Besides, most dreams and goals are "future" oriented and actually all we really have is the present. The best goal you can have is to be happy "now".


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