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10 pages on BD, nothing on GH. I did take the boy to a parking lot and let him practice shifting gears. He got into it after a bit, and unfortunately inherited his mother's lead foot.

I haven't bought my iPod yet (and it went up $6 on Amazon!) and I'm already suffering guilt. I mean, the dh needs a new computer (and his iPod is 1st generation, I think, or second), the boy needs a cell phone, but I want an iPod....after costing $600 to go to a conference that didn't even benefit me.

I was listening to Soul Asylum yesterday and thinking about Dave Pirner, and how he used to date Winona Ryder, and how she also dated Kiefer Sutherland and, well....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Separated at birth???

Then I was thinking (yes, I was SUPPOSED to be writing) about how Kiefer had gone with Julia Roberts and she left him for his best friend Jason Patric and never married him, either.

Ah, love triangles....so much tastier than DUIs, right?

What gossip do you remember from the 80s?

I never do this - karma and all - but how scary is this cover?????

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Marianne Arkins said...

That cover is about as scary as the one below my story on the Diva Bookshelf. Look if you dare...

Sorry you didn't get much out of nationals -- but you got to hang with friends! That's always good.

dawn said...

mary, i think you need that ipod. you deserve it. you do so much for others and it is time to tickle your own chin.

Anonymous said...

Get the iPod!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I shouldn't have laughed--but I did. That book cover was something else. LOL

Anonymous said...

I looked at that bookcover and thought..."Killer Barbies".



Toni Anderson said...

Good lord! I never judge covers, but bloody hell :)

KATZ said...

DH was standing across the room as I opened your blog -- I was reading the text and he says "What is THAT?"... refering to that, um, cover.

April said...

Sorry nationals didn't do anything for you...

As for the cover... no comment is comment enough ;o)

Anonymous said...

I think I like the cover with the masked man better. :)

As for the Ipod, Mary, I love mine, though I didn't have to buy it. Michael preferred an MP3 player and gave me his Ipod. I'm listening to music as well as some writing craft CD's. Sure helps traffic go faster.


MicheleKS said...

I've thought about the iPod but the expense is standing in the way of that but if you can swing it, get it.

MJFredrick said...

Marianne, I agree! Yeesh, what were they thinking?

I did get to hang with my friends at National, true, a definite highlight.

The dh called yesterday saying he found a refurbished Nano at the Apple Store online for $40. First of all, it was the extended warranty that was $40, and second of all - I want a video iPod! He was very surprised. There are a couple of those at the Apple Store online for $200.

That cover is just....and you know I'm all about the jungle romance, but at first I thought it was just her HEAD. And why MASK him? Just...ew.


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