Your First Romance

Technically, I suppose, my first romances were the Janet Dailey Harlequins my grandmother used to buy me at Winns every summer. (This was before she did Nora dirty, and I did love those books!)

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When I grew up, I became obsessed (I KNOW! ME??) with Ireland and read everything I could get my hands on about it. I joined one of the Doubleday bookclubs and saw this book (different cover, though):

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It was about Ireland, so I bought. Then I bought every Karen Robards book. Then I bought every Catherine Coulter book. The rest is history.

What was your first romance?

(I'm on p. 501 of HP, going to bed, SO don't want to!!)

Very cool Red Carpet montage of Ritas- if you see Trish, I'm over her right shoulder!


Marianne Arkins said...

I owned every single Janet Dailey book out there... and still had them, up to the time I found out what she did to Nora. They're gone now.

But, yeah, it was all Harlequin, all the time (Anne Mather, Violet Winspear, etc) for the first few years.

I think Janet Dailey's writing of the Calder series made me realize there was more than HQ in the world.

I suppose I should thank her for that!

Happy HP7 reading!

Paula said...

I don't specifically remember which was my first romance, but it was definitely a Harlequin. (Unless you count some of Zane Grey's westerns as romances--which they were--then it was Knights of the Range by Zane Grey).

My favorite author for a long time was Lilian Peake. Her Gone Before Morning was archaic but wonderful.

As I got older, I discovered Intrigues and realized that I could have romance and suspense in the same book. Wow!


Anonymous said...

My first two were The Flame and The Flower (same could be said for many women my age!) and Fire and Ice by Catherine Hart. I fell in love with them and read nothing but romance for the next twenty years.


Anonymous said...

I WISH I remembered the title of the first romance I read. It was a Presents about a Greek Shipping Tycoon and a virginal English secretary. I LOVED that book. The next one I read was a Sheik and a virginal English secretary. :-) I desperately wanted to be an English secretary.

MJFredrick said...

Cool that so many of us started with Harlequin! Once I started on historicals, though, I was at the UBS all the time!

I did find an old Janet Dailey at a garage sale and I hung onto it, just because it brought back good memories.

dawn said...

*i loved janet dailey, too!*

Anonymous said...

I think I read that book by Janet Dailey, too - 'No Quarter Asked', though that wasn't my first one. My first romance was a Harlequin, too. One of the firsts was one about a tobacco plantation, I believe. The heroine had gone to work there. Can't remember the name, though. The first Harlequin I read that I do remember the name is 'Dark Star' about two sisters, one who was a movie star and stole the heroine's fiance, then tried to steal the hero, whom the heroine had married for "convenience". She was the boss' secretary! Man, these secretaries. Maybe that's why I wanted to be one, too. :) 'Dark Star' also started me liking the 'marriage of convenience' theme. Awww! The first lusty book I read was Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. From the first page, I couldn't put that book down - and I had to - because it belonged to the lady whose kids I was babysitting for that summer of 1975. I was 16.


MJFredrick said...

Cool, Dawn!!!

LOL on wanting to be a secretary, Lupe! I wonder how you'd feel if you went back and read those books now!


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