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Survived the beach with only one sunburned arms and sunburned thighs. Turned out the 50 SPF sunscreen was only MOSTLY waterproof. As the dh, aka Lobster Boy.

Goals for July 4 week

1) work on Alex
2) work on Vamp Hunters
3) type in/revise Ghost Hunters
4) Fourth of July celebration with folks
5) Dale’s surgery
6) Dad’s visit/clean for Dad’s visit (it’s not too bad, but…)
7) Judge FTH entries
8) Pack for National
9) Color hair/get eyebrows done/pick up dh’s suit

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Anonymous said...

Mar, we were at the coast this weekend, too...and we didn't get burned at all! Good waterproofing is way important.

Goals for today:

Begin work on Of Shadow and Light.



Toni Anderson said...

Hope the sunburn goes soon. Ouch! Good luck with your goals :)

MJFredrick said...

Good luck, JoAnn! You must've had better sunscreen than we did!

Thanks, Toni! The dh's and the ds's burns are worse. I just hope my arm's not peeling for National!


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