Damn, I'm good!

Janice Lynn was saying she read the ARC of her book Jane Millionaire (in stores November 29, I believe, right, Janice?). My first thought was that I could never read my book at that stage of the publishing process because I’m afraid I’d be too critical and REALLY start doubting myself, and then I’d believe every bad review….

As writers we’re taught to look at our own work critically.

As women, we’re taught to be demure about our successes, so even though I’ve finalled in a few contests, I still have doubts about my writing.

But yesterday I was reading through my WIP as I was revising, and there was this scene. My hero started talking about this dog he’d had. I remember starting the conversation, but I don’t know where the words came from, I don’t know how it progressed to the point where it became an analogy for my heroine. But, oh, my God, it did, and it is perfect. He gets her.

I just sat back and grinned. Has it happened to you?

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Peggy said...

It's awesome when we discover our characters know more about themselves then we do!

Stacy Dawn said...

I had the same moment yesterday when I got a crit back and was reviewing it...she commented with a laugh on a spot and when I re-read it, I don't even remember writing that part but I laughed again too! That's what keeps us going!!

Anonymous said...

I love those moments when you're reading over your own work and you have to sit back and say, "Wow! Did I really write that? It rocks!"

Toni Anderson said...

I love reading something and wondering 'did I write that?' Cool moments in a lifetime full of uncertainty!!

Really enjoying Dwight Swain right now. He's telling me all those things I need to hear to believe in myself. A tricky thing, self belief!!

Anonymous said...

I have a fair amount of jokes in my stuff - enough that I usually don't remember all of them. Some of them come with a late-addition rewrite, and then I really don't remember them. I usually laugh. Sometimes I don't, and then I cut them out with a bone saw.

RomanceWriter said...

That is how most of my writing happens. It makes it exciting but unpredictable for me.

MJFredrick said...

Self-belief - I like that!

You know, I worried after I posted this that y'all would think, man, why does she think she's going to get published if she can't even believe in herself?? I'm glad to know I'm not alone!

Esri, your stuff is a hoot - would love to read more!

MJFredrick said...

And that's what makes it fun, right, Romance Writer??

Dixie Belle said...

Hey, that's one of those magic moments!!

MJFredrick said...

You're right, Dixie! Only it didn't seem magic until way after, ya know?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that feeling. When you scratch your head and think, "D*mn! Did I write that? I am freaking amazing!"

It's so rare, LOL. :)

MJFredrick said...

No kidding, Michelle. I was listening to Hot Target the other day and thinking, dang, that bit about Cosmo and the legend is good. I wish I could do that.

This morning I came up with something about Del that just broke my heart. I love it!


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