Questions about Movies

I watch a LOT of movies, and some of them over and over again. Even so, some of them leave me with questions. Here are a few I have - maybe you know the answers.

In The Mummy, at the very end, where do the camels come from? Imhotep, Evelyn and Benny came to Hamunaptra in the sandstorm, Rick, Ardeth and Jonathan came in the plane. Where did the camels come from?

In Dear Frankie, why did Gerry's character agree to play Frankie's dad? What was the money for? And why didn't he need it after all?

In Phantom, why does Raoul cry during "The Point of No Return?" (An aside - I watched the bonus features, and thought the ease with which Patrick sang just sexy as hell. The curls coming out beneath his cap didn't hurt, either.)

In Independence Days, how come there are so many pilots who drive RVs?

Are there any movies that raise questions with you?

And just because I'm feeling wicked....

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Anonymous said...

Good questions! In Revenge of the Sith, why couldn't Anakin tell anyone he was married to Padme? What would possibly happen to him?

MJFredrick said...

YEAH, Michelle! And if he couldn't tell anyone they were married, why were they living together? And if Obi Wan had the force, WHY DIDN'T HE KNOW Anakin was the daddy?

That movie raised a LOT more questions than it answered.

Anonymous said...

First of all...garrrhhhh, Mar....Gerard!!!!!!!! Faint.

Ahem. Where was I? Oh, yeah.

1. The camels were there because it was convenient in the storyline. Bet we couldn't get that one past OUR critique groups! The writers probably figured camels are wandering loose all over Egypt, anyway...sort of like how they imagine everyone in Texas owns a horse!

2. In Phantom, in my view, Raoul has tears in his eyes during that scene because he sees that there IS a connection between Christine and the Phantom. For a few moments in that song, she IS under his spell, she DOES want him---until she breaks free from it and remembers why she's there. It wasn't easy for Raoul to see that, even though he loves and trust her.

3. In ID, RVs were the symbols of a free spirted type...which most pilots are. AND, it was convenient for the storyline. Again, let's see them get that past one of our crit groups! Hollywood has it so easy. They just trot out the "suspension of disbelief" caveat and leave it at that.

4. In the Star Wars films, I am guessing that Anakin could not tell about Padme because Jedis then had a vow of celibacy. They weren't living together. He was going over there in secret to her place, staying when he could. ObiWan had the Force...but that doesn't make him a God. He won't always know all the answers. Also, sometimes a person with power will avoid listening to the messages if they're telling them something they don't want to, your supposedly celibate apprentice is married and the father of twin babies, he'll grow up to destroy you, and things like that. ObiWan loved Anakin as a he turned a blind eye as much as he could, and did not listen when he was given warnings. He simply didn't want to know and accept the truth. Gee...that's a lot like real life, when you think on it...


MicheleKS said...

In the Mummy, didn't they ride up to the temple on camels? If they did, then they just left them parked on the outside and that's why they were there at the end.

In Dear Frankie, he may have agreed to play Frankie's dad because he was Marie's brother. Remember that part? When Lizzie asked who he was? I think his character had a lot of love in him and a real need to express it. He just didn't get to follow through on it, so to speak. I'm thinking sequel here. :)

And today's photo. Yummy beyond belief.

MJFredrick said...

JoAnn, I KNEW you'd love that pic of Gerry. But you're much more forgiving than I am. In Sith, Obi Wan knew to look for Anakin with Padme, so why didn't he know they were together? And thus figure out Anakin was the daddy? He should have that much deductive reasoning, right? But maybe you're right about turning the blind eye thing.

I agree with your view of Phantom. I really love that scene.

In The Mummy, the camels had saddles, or whatever they're called over there - Benny was loading them with treasure.

MJFredrick said...

Michele, we must have simul-posted!

In The Mummy, on the first trip they came up on camels, but presumably they used the camels to get back to Cairo. The second trip, they came by sandstorm and plane.

As for Dear Frankie, remember when he's standing in Lizzie's living room, looking like he'd rather be anywhere else? That's the part that made me question why he was doing it. I mean, a sailor on leave, playing papa to a little heroic as I see him, it doesn't really follow. But the scene where Lizzie finds out he was Marie's brother....oh, the first time I saw it, I was heartbroken for Lizzie! (Yes, I saw it 3 times in the theater, and countless times on DVD.) I'd love a sequel, too!

Anonymous said...

Mar, you're right, the camels had saddles. Now I have to go watch that flick all over again to figure out who they belonged to!

You're right, in Sith, Obiwan knew to go to Padme's to look for Anakin. He probably couldn't miss their connection, but chose to turn a blind eye to how close it really was. If he admitted to himself that Anakin had broken the celibacy vow, then a lot of the other things he'd chosen not to look at too closely might come into full focus. He just didn't want to go there. Makes it sadder when you think of it. He knew things were going south, but he loved him too much to be willing to face it, to see the true, deep flaws in his pseudo-son.


MicheleKS said...

With Dear Frankie, I just think there was a lot more going on with The Stranger. And it was kind of shame that we couldn't find out more.

But you're right. Hollywood does allow a suspension of belief. It also allows plot and character holes that we wouldn't tolerate in our books, too.

MJFredrick said...

I just watched Guess Who, one of the movies that's been sitting here since last week. It was very cute, less a romance than a buddy picture, but good. I recommend!

Janice Lynn said...

Love the discussion on Revenge of the Sith. That movie ticked me off in a lot of ways. Mainly because I thought they did Padme such a disservice. In the first two movies she'd have slapped Anakin and told him to get his act together. She was so...wimpy in this one.

Sign by your nutty friend who has been posting on someone else's blog thinking it was yours. BRILLIANT, I tell you!

MJFredrick said...

BWAHAHAHA, Janice!!! Where have you been going??

I agree - kickass Padme was a wimp in Sith. The girl let me down!


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