Back to work tomorrow – a schedule, a commute, work to bring home.

What I’ll miss about summer:

1) my weird sleep pattern – going back to bed if I wanted, taking naps, staying up late
2) wearing my pjs all day if I wanted; if I didn’t want, wearing shorts and t-shirts, no make-up
3) going out to breakfast/lunch if I wanted
5) Writing every day, usually very late at night
6) Sitting outside and reading
7) Watching movies whenever I wanted
8) Those Totinos pizzas – one of our favorite lunches, and we’d eat and watch a soap opera
9) Ice mugs with Diet Coke with lime (I’ll still have the DC w/lime, but not in an icy mug)
10) Being able to run errands on MY time, not having to rush because I had to be at work, or the place was about to close, being able to make real trips to the grocery store instead of guerrilla trips to pick up a thing or two
11) Road trips
12) Sunny mornings
13) Cuddling with my kitty
14) Blogging everyday

I won’t miss:

1) sunburns
2) parent conferences
3) bored teenager
4) sunburns
5) the electric bill – we’ll keep it at a reasonable temp when we’re not here
6) the grocery bill – see above about teenager
7) sunburns (I had 2, the dh had 2)

But I'm not crying. Those of you who have known me for awhile know the hell I went through at the other school. I'm so happy at my new school that for the first time in years - YEARS! - I'm excited about going back to work, even if I lose so much of my free time.

Besides, Thanksgiving holidays are HOW many weeks away?

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have an awesome year!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Mary Beth! Back atcha!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Have a great year this year and Thanksgiving is too FAR away.

Luckily, we get a fall break in Oct. Do you guys?

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Kendra! You have a great year, too!

No fall break until Thanksgiving - after Labor Day we don't even have any holidays till then! Columbus Day and Veteran's Day are inservices!

Toni Anderson said...

Good luck with school Mary!! I am sorry there was no request with your win!!! Bummer.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Toni! Once I get the comments, I'll see if I should send Patience a query. Hurry up and wait in this business, yes?

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, Mar! But I am ready to get all of us back on a schedule, after a long and pretty surreal summer. I'm hoping this is what we'll need to have our lives flow a bit more evenly. Inservice days for me all week, then school doors open Friday. And off we go!

In frith and blessing,

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Mary! It'll all come together, I'm sure. :)

Anonymous said...

ah, well, I'm the opposite. Our summers at work are CRAZY BUSY, and we slow down in September. So I'm REALLY looking forward to that!!

MJFredrick said...

You're right, JoAnn, being on a schedule is good, and good for me. I just like NOT being on one. ;) Have fun in your inservices! You already know a lot of the teachers, yes?

Thanks, Michelle!

Kasey, I bet you're looking forward to Sept. What do you do, if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous said...

One of my other teacher friends had her first day back today, and was pleasantly surprised to find no busy work, minimal meetings, and helpful admins. I wish you the same excellent luck. Have a great year.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Esri! I love my admins (though my P tells me she's going to be mean this year - I don't think she has it in her). I'm getting excited!

Anonymous said...

Mar...one of the reasons the academic dean hired me is because I'm already considered a family member by them anyway! LOL I've been subbing for them for two years, I know all the students, I know the ins and outs and am friends with all the teachers. My good bridge building and job performance led to something better for me. I need to keep that recipe in mind!!! :)

Color me nervous but happy...as I look toward tomorrow.


MJFredrick said...

You'll be great. My first day last year, I only knew one person, so I'm much happier this year!


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