Why Men Shouldn't Write Commercials

First of all, it's official - my manuscript Where There's Smoke finalled in the PASIC series category! On to Gail Chasan!

Secondly, I have another entry up at Contest Junkies. I can't tell you the name, but I can say it's set in Central America and has a hunky hero ;)

Why Men Shouldn’t Write Commercials:

1) The Sonic commercials. Enough. I’m begging.
2) The Snickers commercial where the hunters through the Snickers bars at the deer. Why, please?
3) Quiznos. First the hamsters and now the talking baby. I love Quiznos, but those commercials make me NEVER WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN.
4) Fanta. Great. Just typing one word and I have the song stuck in my head.
5) Those beer commercials, where someone reveals a big secret, but the guy loses it when he’s told one beer is better than the other. It’s either Bud or Miller.

I know there are more but I can’t think of any. Can you?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Mary!!!! :)

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Congrats Mary finalling in another contest!! I also hate the Fanta commercials. You can't get away from them. And the Quiznos baby is creepy. I also hate all Taco Bell commercials, and the Subway guy is getting on my nerves. Great Gerry picture! They always make my day.

Anonymous said...

Yay Mary on the PASIC final!
I can't stand the Quiznos commercials either. Actually I haven't been able to eat there since the rat commercials. I heard they were monkeys not rats, but they looked like rats to me.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Mar!!!!!!

Commercials...two that really bug me are: The Chicken Sticks one from Burger King, which is like being locked in a mosh pit and you can't get out, and the awful awful awful shoe commerical where the guy drinks sour milk from his shoe and...well, I will leave it at that. Both of these are gross and make me want to sue them for mental abuse! :)

Whew. On to nicer, happier thoughts...like Mar winning the contests!


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Bonnie, Elizabeth, Mary Beth and JoAnn. The Quiznos commercials didn't make me stop going to Quiznos because they have the BEST chocolate cookies. I don't know if I've seen the commecials JoAnn is talking about.

I had a dream about Gerry last night. I had him all to myself, and I made him....read to me. Just listened to that lovely Scottish voice. Woke up with a smile.

Have to go back for another parent conference this afternoon (an hour round trip, but I couldn't see staying at school 2 hours with nothing to do.) The parent who was supposed to come at 8:30 didn't, so I have to reschedule her, and then one more besides that after today. Sigh.

Amie Stuart said...

Yeah mary congrats!!!!!!

Okay ALL the recent Burger King commercials were designd by a male wanna-be serial killer. Disgusting. Fanta? the chicks in the commercial are a dead giveaway about who came up with that concept. Sonic? Not only bad commercials but bad food (sorry Just MOO).

Quiznos is Okay but I Love that damn baby.

I only sent one Contest Junkies entry in (only had one entry that had a pg-13 beginning--all the rest were R or NC-17 LOL) but I haven't heard if/when it'll be posted =)

MJFredrick said...

HOW could I forget the creepy Burger King commercials? I hate hate hate them. They were probably written by some guy barely out of his teens. Creepy.

LOL on the hot beginnings, Cece. You'll have to help me with one of those that I have - I can't seem to motivate an early love scene. As for RJ, they send you an email the day they put your story up.

Amie Stuart said...

Mary what is is about me and sex in chapter one? OY!

LOL Were you the Def Leppard fan? If so, you're not alone *ggg* Not sure if you read the lipstick chronicles but here you go =)


MJFredrick said...

Okay, Cece, seriously, when I get to revising that book, (along about January, sheesh), I'm giving you a shout.

No, I'm not the Def Leppard fan, though I do think Joe whatsit has aged well ;)

Amie Stuart said...

Be happy for you to gimme a shout. I thought about entering my CL ms in the RJ contest cuz there's no sex in chapter one (that'd be chapter two) LOL but her friends give her a um birthday toy that doesn't qualify as PG-13 so I had to nix that idea.

I could have sworn you were hte DL fan *shrug* blame it on old age *ggg*


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