In love

The words on the page blur as your thoughts wander. The song fades as you drift dreamily to another world, another place.

A place you've created, situations you've developed, people you know better than your own family.

Your story.

The past few days I have been absolutely in love with my story. I haven't been able to read anything else, haven't been able to listen to my book on CD. Both the book I'm reading and the one I'm listening to are great stories, but my story interests me more. That's good, right? I've changed the back third of the book significantly, and I think it fits my hero, throws my heroine into a huge dilemma, and creates a lot of emotion and conflict.

You know, the reasons I keep getting rejected.

This is why I love writing. This is how I started, telling myself stories. That's what I'm doing now, telling myself stories. I've found the joy.

Now, when I'll get to WRITE, I don't know, since company is coming this weekend and I have to clean my house! ACK!

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    Trish Milburn said...

    That's a fabulous feeling, being that into your story and loving it. You'll get it done, don't worry.

    Anonymous said...

    Isn't love for your story a great feeling?

    And thanks for reminding me I forgot to get the laundry started.

    MicheleKS said...

    I'm still in love with my story so I'm going to finish it. Even though my heroine is mighty ticked with my hero right now. :)

    Oh, thanks again for Gerry. He did look awfully good in Timeline.

    Anonymous said...

    That is a lovely poster, Mary }:)

    Unknown said...

    That's so great when your story takes over your thoughts. I love falling in love with it.

    Anonymous said...

    don't you love when you fall in love with your stories? My last one was like that. I just LOVED the story!! And the characters. And the setting. And, well...everything! (okay, still hated writing the synopsis though)

    Anonymous said...

    I loved my last novel so much...I actually mourned when it was done and I couldn't spend time with them anymore! (Although now I will, since requested revision time is nearing!) The only cure is to find a new story and set of characters to fall in love with, that are new and distinct from the last. My new book has that. And I'm love again, all over. I know what you're sayin', Mar. Way to go! Don't stop!

    JoAnn <---finally ready for the first day of school tomorrow!

    Anonymous said...

    Isn't that sweet? Not only do you love your story, you don't want to cheat on it with another story.

    MJFredrick said...

    Worse, Esri - I'm going to a critique meeting on Saturday, and I don't want them to say anything bad about it!

    I've been working on back to school stuff tonight. I'd like to get 5 pages done before bed, though.


    MJFredrick said...

    Oh, man, thanks, Lynn. Laundry. Eek!

    Michele, glad you're sticking with the story and loving it again!

    Kacey, LOL on the synopsis! And mine changed now that I have a different ending. I'm going to have to do it again!

    JoAnn, good luck tomorrow! I love your new story, too!

    Anonymous said...

    Wonderful, wonderful feeling, isn't it? Keep going and find some time to channel that love!

    MJFredrick said...

    Lesson plans done, getting to work now!

    Anonymous said...

    LOVE that pic!

    Good luck with your story.

    Colleen Gleason said...

    All I can say is: YUM!

    Colleen, who just whizzed by for her Gerry fix.

    MicheleKS said...

    Wellllll, my story and I have hit a big bump. I was trying to work on it earlier today and I nearly tossed the notepad across the room. I'm having the same plot problems I've had before with this and I have no idea how to get around them. I have entertained thoughts of breaking off for awhile and working on something else but I'm still not sure if I'm willing to leave these characters alone. They've been looking for their HEA for so long.....

    Stacy Dawn said...

    Exactly my thoughts Mary!

    MJFredrick said...

    I hate when that happens, Michele. Have you tried the list of 20? You know, you make a list of 20 things that can happen next (don't stop till you hit 20), and you may come up with something.

    Or you might have to backtrack a bit.


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