Above my computer I have a poster of sunflowers that I bought at Michael’s when my son was a baby. I think the poster was $20 and the frame was another $15, and spending that amount on a poster, a decoration for my house, seemed so extravagant. $35. It took my dh almost a day of working in the kitchen at Chili’s to make that. That’s how we used to measure income.

This week I’ve spent around $150, just on frivolities, like yarn and candy and DVDs. I ordered jeans off eBay because they’re the only brand I know will fit me. We went out to dinner Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Thursday. Eating at McDonald’s was a treat, now we eat there almost every weekend for lunch. Over Thanksgiving break, the boy and I ate out every day, either lunch or breakfast. When we moved from our last house (a rental) to this one, the movers said, "Movin' on up, huh?" Uh, yeah.

There’s still enough of the penny pincher in me to cringe at the prices of some things, to deny myself some things based on price (okay, not MUCH, but it’s only been recently that I don’t buy the cheapest thing on the menu, or buy a DVD that’s not on sale. Okay, I still don’t do that.) I only buy books form Amazon when I have enough to qualify for free shipping. I buy meat and chicken only if it’s on sale.

I wonder if I’ll always appreciate a disposable income (I certainly hope I continue to have one!) I hope I can always remember how hard things were to come by, so I can appreciate them even more.

I watched Must Love Dogs yesterday. Was I the only one rooting for Dermot Mulroney? I know he’s short, but wow!

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Yes, I feel a little guilty. Only a little, though.


Shesawriter said...

He's short? I didn't know that. Wasn't he in that Wedding Date movie with Debra Messing? Wait a minute. Was it called Wedding Date, or Wedding Guest, or ... oh, hell I don't know. Does anyone know which movie I'm talking about? That just goes to show you how much of an impression the film made on me. I can't even remember the title.


Amie Stuart said...

Mary I'm with you on remembering the hard times. The kids don't and I'm not sure that's good or bad. *sigh*

MJFredrick said...

Wedding Date, Tanya. Not a great movie, but yummm.

My dh met him when DM was in that western TV show a few years back. He's about 5'9.

Cece, I remember hard times when I was a kid. We had to do the food stamp thing for a bit, and I remember how mortified my mother was. I think that helped with the penny pincher bit, too.

Trish Milburn said...

I'm like you with the money. I remember not having much, so it makes me think before I pick up something off the store shelf.

I haven't seen Must Love Dogs yet, but DM is yummy.

MJFredrick said...

The movie started out good, Trish, but kinda fizzled. But as much as I love John Cusack, I was for DM.

Toni Anderson said...

My DH is only 5'9 and he towers over me--it is all relative!!

I'm looking forward to not worrying about money!! Enjoy it!!

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Toni! I'm 5'7, so I like a guy a bit taller. DH is 6'.


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