Pet Peeves

Okay, so I'm a touch gripier today.....

So, some pet peeves....

Living with two men who don't do what I ask when I ask, then they forget, and it doesn't get done. We haven't had lights on our tree in two weeks.

Seeing the same commercial during Every Commercial Break. Anyone watch Triangle? Anyone else tired of the Heineken commercial?

Cleanser spray bottles whose tube doesn't go down to the bottom, so you have about a quarter of the cleaner left, but it won't come out.

Overhype on news, and nothing comes of it. Yes, it's cold, but do we NEED to hear about it over and over? At least they didn't promise ice like last time. And over the summer, there was an overturned truck that had blasting caps on it - and it was on the news ALL DAY.



Having a great brainstorm about my book, getting to school and not having time to write it down, so I forget it.

Not being able to find anymore pictures of Gerry.
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I know I left a lot out. What about you?


Gina Black said...

You make me laugh!!

We haven't had lights on our tree in two weeks.

Here, the DH bought the tree about a week ago. Lights are on but that's it! No decorations. No topper. Nada. When he got the tree, he promised he and the DS would do the decorations. Hah! (Or should I say Bah!)

Anonymous said...

If I see that beer commercial one more time...and how rude to take a bottle out, anyway! :)

Mar, this is why I bought a fiber optic tree two years ago. Lovely lights, already built in. Well worth it.


MJFredrick said...

My lights are SO pretty. They're like colored light bulbs, so they look like ornaments on the tree. EXCEPT THEY'RE NOT LIT. I'm going to threaten him with taking the tree down if he doesn't do something this weekend.


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