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I'm going to ask for good thoughts this week for my student's brother, Raul, who will be undergoing surgery this week for swelling in his skull related to a head injury (he hit his head on the edge of the trampoline.) I've known Raul since kinder, and I've always had a soft spot for him. Now I am teaching his brother, who is very very worried. So positive thoughts would be appreciated.

I heard from three of my former students Friday. Three. In one day. Not unusual, I guess, but they don't go to the same school anymore. One mailed me a letter, one hand delivered a Christmas card and one came to visit. I thought it was strange. But a nice reminder, especially this time of year, that I do make a difference, even if I'm ready to walk out. 14 of my 19 students showed improvement on the last benchmark test, which, after I was depressed that only 7 passed the easy test, made me feel better.

My principal is leaving after Christmas for greener pastures in the main office. We got an early childhood grant in our district, and she's going to head it. Better money, less stress, what more could you ask? She's elated - we're terrified. She's an awesome principal who trusts her teachers. We're hoping the VP takes her spot, but it's not very likely. He's only been in the district 2 years, and they like their own. But he has a similar philosophy to hers, and that's what we're hoping for.

The Land Cruiser gave us a scare when she wouldn't start Friday evening when the dh was ready to come home. We went to get her this morning, popped the clutch to get her going, got her home and found it was a loose wire. Whew!

I'm having a hard time hearing, if there's another noise around (which there always is, either TV or music or kids talking in the cafeteria). I need to make a dr appt for next week. This is so frustrating, especially since I already don't see very well. I don't like getting old!

But I did find new pictures of Gerry!

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Anonymous said...

YES on Gerry! Niiice one, Mar. :)

Hugs on your probably IS time to get it checked. My problem is my memory. I've read in reports from other women about when menopause arrived, their formerly sharp memories took a nosedive. BOY, is that happening to me. It drives me nuts, particularly because I used to be so good at remembering EVERYTHING. Now I forget all kinds of little things from time to time. Like, closing the washer lid---hence the machine just agitates without spinning. Like thinking that I DID get the milk in the milk aisle at the grocery store, only to find out that I merely thought to remind myself that I should. And so on. I'd be afraid of Alzheimer's if I hadn't heard from a lot of women about this memory thing and menopause (btw, alzheimer memory loss is different from this...if I suddenly forgot how to tie my shoes, things like that...then I would be more worried.). Anyway, yes, it stinketh to get older...but the alternative is way worse. :) I did do one thing this week that made me proud. For years I have dyed my hair and parted it different ways to cover the silver streak in the front. Recently I gave up the dye. This past week I purposely parted my hair right at the silver streak and am going to wear it like that from now on! Shine on, Silver! Embrace the Crone! Yesss. :)

Agingly yours,

Anonymous said...

Hugs on hearing, but you are not getting old! I hope Raul'd surgery will be a success. And, Mary, knowing you, I'm absolutely sure you do make difference in the lives of your students, and they are very fortunate to have you as a teacher!

MJFredrick said...

Joann, the memory thing worries me, too. I was in Target today and had five things to get. I kept repeating them over and over and STILL couldn't remember. I have to write everything down.

Mom said my hearing may be an ear infection - I've always been susceptible, and the week before Thanksgiving I woke up with a bad ear ache. Hopefully once it clears up I can hear again. It's just so irritating.

My mom went completely gray at about your age, too, just quit coloring. She has lovely silver hair. I'm just not ready, though.

Olga, thank you for the kind words! I admit, I will try harder this week knowing what a difference it makes.

Anonymous said...

Mar, I said this in other email, but I'll say it here, too...many prayers for Raul and his family. His name is in the silver healing apple on my altar.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for Raul. Hugs on the eyes and the ears. And you DEFINITELY make a difference.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Mary Beth!


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