Secret Santa

Do y'all do Secret Santa where you are? You know, pick someone's name, gift them with little presents and clues for the week before Christmas, then reveal yourself and give them a big gift on the last day?

It's a big tradition in my district (I say this because I've been at 3 schools there and my mom has been at 2.) Well, this year I picked the hardest possible person.

My best friend.

We've taught together at three schools, we're right across the hall from each other, we know each other too well.

How am I going to fool her?

Here's my plan: I bought her really cheap, tacky presents for the daily gifts. Last year a man picked her and she got crummy gifts, and I'm thinking this will throw her off. On the last day, I'll give her her REAL daily gifts along with her big gift. What do you think? I feel a little mean doing that, because she will be disappointed. But she's also one to take a joke, you know? (She's the one who dressed up as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween.)

We're also supposed to leave clues. Here's where I need your help. She knows almost everything about me. I have no idea what to put. Of course, real clues about me combined with the tacky presents (okay, the little nutcracker really IS cute) might throw her.

Any ideas what I could give her as clues?

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Anonymous said...

Things that start with the letter M?
I wish my district did Secret Santa.

Stacy Dawn said...

With the type of clues maybe think of every possible meaning of the words you want to say and then use the most common yet misleading ones. ie: if you have to say you are a woman then maybe mix it up like "I am part of a man who is missing two letters." Okay, bad example but I'm lacking a little sleep with some sick kids but I hope you get the gist...tell the truth but in the most obscure way.

Trish Milburn said...

How long has she known you? Are there things she doesn't know about you, from before you were friends? Can these be obscure, or do they have to be things she could conceivably figure out? I've never done Secret Santa, so I'm not sure.

Laura said...

Mary! Down here in Oz, we do a Kris Kringle. Same concept as Secret Santa! I love this.

Anonymous said...

Mary, I'd love to help, but I've never done Secret Santa that way. I love your ideas, though!

MJFredrick said...

I like the puzzle type clues Mary Beth and Stacy suggested. I hope I grow some more brain cells by next week.

Laura, some schools do call it Kris Kringle. Some call it something else, like Jingle Buddy or sure does make that last week go fast.

Stephanie said...

mary, what are her hobbies? Is she much of a reader or musician or sports fan? Frame your questions as references to these things... just an idea...


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