The End

No, I haven't gotten there yet. Endings kick my behind. This one in particular, since I've already written two. My agent (will I EVER get tired of saying THAT?) thought I blew a chance for a gangbuster ending, so for the past two weeks, I've been working on a new one.

Okay, it may not LOOK like I'm working all the time as I stare into space or watch War of the Worlds (which wasn't as bad as I was told - if it had done well, I might drag out my scary futuristic and give it another look). But I've been thinking about it nearly every waking hour. My MIL even got in on the action. Every day she's called me and said, "What if....?" She was thinking my heroine was pretty heartless for holding herself back from the hero after he's saved her life. That didn't stop her from joining in the fun (for her, anyway.) Still, some of the things she suggested sparked other things.

Now I think I finally have something that will take care of the emotion and the suspense kinda all at once. I think it could be pretty good. I just have to write it and see where it goes. Then I'll email them to my agent, she'll see if that's more like it, I'll boost up the role of a secondary character and out it will go again.

Then back to Beneath the Surface. Guess what I have to work on there?

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Marianne Arkins said...

I hate, Hate, HATE beginnings. I usually have the ending written first. It's a breeze. I love endings.

Hey... let's get together! You write my beginnings and I'll take care of the end.

Good luck, Mary! Can't wait to see your name in print.

MJFredrick said...

I like beginnings - unless I'm writing one. Then I can't decide if I'm doing it the right way, starting in the right place. I rewrote the ending to Don't Look Back a half dozen times, at least.

LOL on getting together!


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