10 Hours Till Spring Break

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One of my troublesome students is suspended today. I NEVER send kids to the office, but he was there at 8:30 yesterday AM because he screamed at me for not letting him have his way. So, barring attitudes from the other kids, today should be mostly peaceful.

Realize, before you read this post, that next week I will be wearing either jeans or yoga pants. But as I was driving home yesterday, I realized I'm very very picky about 2 things.

Cars and purses.

Think about it. You use both nearly every day. I think your car and your purse both say something about you.

There are so many cars on the road that look the same. When we were shopping for our last new car, we test drove all these cars that were just - interchangeable. The Scion, when we saw it, stood out. Before that, I wanted a classic SUV. There are not many 1987 FJ-60 Land Cruisers on the road. And this one has a custom paint job ;)

Cookie cutter cars are deal breakers for me. Certain aspects of a car - color, tail lights, head lights - are deal breakers. Rims. (Aren't I the superficial girl?)

I'm also very picky about purses. Again, the color has to be RIGHT. Usually, it's got to be solid. It has to be the right size - if it's too big, I overstuff it. If it's too small, I can't get into it. But being able to get into it is secondary to how it LOOKS. It can't have large buckles or those studs. It has to have the right straps. Designer names help ;) I will go with the same purse for AGES if I can't find just what I want?

What are you picky about?


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Jennifer Shirk said...

Wallets. (I guess that goes with the whole purse thing) I don't care about the color, though, but it has to open up right and "feel" right in the hand.

Hairdressers and dentists. (Self-explanatory)

Jeans. I haven't found a decent pair of jeans in about 2 years. I'm still wearing my Calvin Kline jeans which are so old, they have holes in the knees. I don't care. They fit PERFECT (and make me look thin) I'm still looking for their replacement...

Kelly Boyce said...

What am I picky about? Hmm...pens and notebooks. I like super fine tipped and thick wads of paper.

And jeans, definitely jeans. I've found a pair of Levis that fit perfect and now everything has to measure up to them.

Trish Milburn said...

Shoes and more recently clothes. I've gone to several clothing stores in the past week, and I just think most of what's out right now is just hideous. I don't think it's stylish at all, just faddish and will be gone in no time because they aren't classic in style in any way.

MJFredrick said...

JEANS!!! Absolutely! Jennifer, I get my Ralph Laurens on eBay - try there!

And yes on the wallet - you should see how badly I need a new wallet, but I can't find one I like!

Kelly, I'm the opposite - I like thick writing pens. It makes the words feel more important, or something ;)

Trish, I agree with the current styles! Whenever I find a blouse I like, I buy it, because heaven knows when I'll find another. I found the Perfect Sandals at Kohls....wrong size. Sigh.


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