The Morning After

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I feel a little hungover today, and I didn't have ANYTHING to drink, not even the champagne that's been in my fridge since I signed with my agent ;) I was on the computer almost all afternoon, hoping to see other names show up on the list, but they never did.

That's one of the hardest parts about finalling, knowing there are deserving writers out there who don't final. My friend Elizabeth finished her first historical this year, and it was wonderful, but it didn't final, apparently, and she'd email me now and again to ask if I'd heard anything.

Then on the Wet Noodle Posse loop, there were several people who hoped to final but didn't.

So I've got a touch of guilt (I know, surprise). BUT I'm so happy that ALL the mss my agent has are GH finalists.

Yesterday was weird, though. The loops were so slow in bringing the news, maybe because it was Sunday. Maybe I'm on the wrong loops ;) When Trish called to tell me I'd finalled, we'd JUST gotten back from Lowe's. I told the dh I needed a project to keep me busy, so I bought blue stain for my bench. I did eventually stain it, after Trish called to tell me she'd DOUBLE finalled!!!! (COVEN! COVEN! COVEN!) It looks nice.

I need to register for conference, but need to wait for, you know, PAYDAY. And since the hotel is sold out, we need to find another place to stay. Good thing is, we'll only be going 2 days, and we'll be driving. I already have my dress and shoes (though if I see some rhinestoney ones I'll buy them) and I have my picture (though if JoAnn's photog isn't too dear, I might get professional ones). The dh does need a new suit and shoes, though.

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Jill Monroe said...

Mary - I'm so happy for you. Way to go!!!

Kelly Boyce said...

CONGRATULATIONS !! You must have been thrilled !!

Cindy Taylor said...

Mary, on the hotel front, Jana and I are staying at the Marriot something-or-other, about six blocks away (the hotel closest to the RWA one). It's a suite for $150/night. I was surprised we were be to get such a reasonable one without any discounts. You might look them up and try it. Hope you find something soon!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Feeling the same here, Mary. Lots of deserving writers in my chapter alone who entered and didn't final. It's sort of a bittersweet victory.

I haven't registered for conference yet either - wasn't planning on going unless I finaled. And now I learn the hotel's already sold out? Egad. I'll go check out the Marriot though - thanks for the tip, Cindy.

Cindy Taylor said...

np, Elisabeth. And Congrats!!

Not really sure what went down about the hotel. Someone dropped the proverbial ball, and I think most people are without a hotel room right now. So this year might be a hotel hopping mingle fest. Something new, but we all try new things once, don't we? ;)

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Congrats, Mary. Sorry I won't be in Dallas for the RITA's this year. I would have loved to have been there if you won.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I haven't heard anything about the hotel snafus. It seems a bit early for it to sell out, but it always does. I wonder if the location is an issue. Like, not having as many alternatives around, so more people are staying in the conference hotel than usual?

MJFredrick said...

Thank you so much, Jill, Elizabeth and Kelly! I'm very excited for this book. And if I win, I get to thank Gerard Butler for inspiring this hero.

Cindy, is it the Marriott Courtyard? One of my cps stayed there last time, she said. And she said the shuttle guy was at her beck and call.

Elisabeth, remember, you're deserving, too! And this is your first time - feel nothing but joy, babe!

As for the hotel, as Trish explained to me, this conference was booked 6-7 YEARS ago, when attendance was down. They only blocked a certain number of rooms because they'd have to pay a penalty if the rooms weren't filled. But I'm definitely looking into the Marriott.

dawn said...

oh, mary...
this is freaking wonderful!

am so v. proud of you, even though i am ashamed of that uncorked 'pagne. that is sheer madness.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Dawn!!! We're saving the champagne for my first sale, but maybe we can just buy a new one....


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